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Out and About with Garland and Gould

I'm doing what has to be the most unique interview I've ever taken part in. Come see me at Garland and Gould. What great fun! I'm still laughing as I send this. The dynamic pair (or is it crazy ladies?) of L. J. Garland and Debbie Gould joined me for a cruise on the deck of Sea Falcon as I answered their questions and we discussed the adventures of the ship’s captain in the novel Windmaster.

As proof that not only writers put their characters into trouble, Debbie and L.J. wrote me into a corner and asked what I would do in the following situation.

You walk into a saloon and order a drink. Someone behind you says, "You ain't from around here." When you turn around, you find everyone in the bar is pointing a gun at you. All you have is a ballpoint pen and a Bic lighter. What do you do?

Hope you can take a few minutes to pop in, say hello, and see how I escaped. The URL is http://garland-and-gould.blogspot.com/2012/04/guest-interview-with-helen-henderson.html . Helen

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