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Characters on the Loose - Anastasia and Dragon Destiny

A goal of every writer is to make their characters real. Sometimes their creations take on a life of their own and the author loses control. Case in point, Anastasia of Clan Miller (pictured) took time off from her kin’s trading caravan to talk to Karenna Colcroft. The interview is at http://karennacolcroft.com/special-guests-helen-henderson-and-anastasia.

Stop by and hear what Anastasia says about Lord Branin Llewlyn. Who knows, he might even make an appearance. For hundreds of years, dragshi lord Branin and his dragon soul twin Llewlyn searched for their intended mates. The red-haired firebrand of Ky'Port, Broch, vowed to marry the dragon lord, with or without his willing cooperation. Everything changed the day a wistful thought touched his. 

~Till next time, Helen

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