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In Honor of Mother's Day - Strong Women Celebrated in Dreamspell Goddess

Mother’s Day seemed an appropriate time to post about the tales of strong women in the multi-genre anthology Dreamspell Goddess from the Texas-basesd publisher, L&L Dreamspell. The Dreamspell Goddess Anthology showcases ten writers.Writing as Jessie Treon, Ambush Luck is one of the ten tales of strong women selected by L&L Dreamspell for the anthology. Westerns, paranormal, romance, science fiction and fantasy are all represented in the works of the talented authors. Crossing genres, the historical western joins my fantasy novels Dragon Destiny and Windmaster (from Burst Books). A common theme between the three is strong women who are leaders, have strong sense of honor and duty. And the last commonality, at least one character in each of the works is based on one of my ancestresses’.The premise of Ambush Luck reflects a new twist on the traditional gunslinger tale. Married and happy in her life as wife and mother, Helen Rawlings thought she had put her past as a fast gun behind her. Her peaceful life ends when a gang kills one of her adopted sons, and tries to eliminate the only witness - her other son, Josh. Helen risks everything to once again become the notorious Hell Lost, gunslinger and defender of the righteous, and confronts those threatening her family. If she survives, she would be faced with the biggest crisis of all, rejecting the lure of the adventure of the high mountain trails to let her past disappear once again.

Among the other works in the anthology are Melina’s Moonlight Magic by
Linda Houle. In, I Was Helen of Troy V. Dianne Lawson explains the tricks memory can play, especially if you are remembering an event through the eyes of multiple memories from multiple past lives. Lawson ventured to the outer space with the Lost Planet of Homely Women. Jaycee Stevens learns in  Heart’s Tempest by Joyce Scarbrough that she is a lot tougher than she really is.

Cornelia Amiri contributed the paranormal romance, "Rhiannon". Other stories are My Dinner with Andrew and his Lovely Wife, Sheila by
David Fingerman and The Old Man Sang the Blues by David W. Landrum. Suspense and murder mingle in Hiram’s Rock by Jodi Diderrich and Finding the One by Steven Shrott.

Dreamspell Goddess is available in print Amazon.

Celebrate Mother’s Day by forming a memory.

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