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Holiday Reflections

With the approaching holiday, (Thanksgiving has already been held north of the border) I found my thoughts turning to earlier times. Although the memories were sometimes clouded with time or seen through rose-colored glasses, some remained bright and vibrant. Recently while waiting in the staging area to work on a home damaged by Hurricane Sandy, the tale of an unexpected reward for a duty performed out of necessity shifted to the forefront. Not only did the event repeat for several years, it later became the basis for a story that ended up being chosen for A Yuletide Wish.

If you're looking for an an uplifting offering of good-news, happy-ending set of stories by established authors from around the globe, the link is at the bottom. For myself, while I don't want to return to the girl who wanted to be an adult and found that meant being the hostess at the children's table, I plan to read the book again. Sometimes in this hectic times, here are never enough happy-endings.

A Yuletide Wish, Night Wolf Publications. Available at Amazon.com 

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