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Change, changes, changing

When you come to a certain age, things may lose their importance. The need to collect that sparkling piece of glass is tempered by the reality that you already have a dozen similar pieces--and that you might in the very near future have to strip down your belongings for a move to a smaller home. But that is not the reason the header bar on the blog look simpler. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many books. A look at my office gives me away even if I tried to deny it.

Those who follow my writing may notice the fantasy novels have disappeared.  The books are not gone, just undergoing a re-evaluation while new covers for the Windmaster series and Dragshi Chronicles series are being created. During this time, like moving to a smaller home, my writing has shifted into a minimalist mode and I'm focusing on a new work. Two new volumes for the Dragshi Chronicles are either ready for production or awaiting editing. The first continues the tale of Anastasia and Branin and the second tells the tales, the personal history behind the legends mentioned in the chronicles.

Stay tuned. Helen

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