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In Memorium, Linda Houle

When beginning to write this post, I filled a wastepaper basket with crumpled sheets of paper. Each aborted start had a comment about the darker side of the publishing industry. But the real topic, the woman I wanted to write about symbolized just the opposite. Then I realized that I didn't need to bring in reality, Linda Houle had already provided the answer in her work, The Naked Truth About Publishing.

But, she did more than just write. As one of the founders of L&L Dreamspell, Linda along with her business partner, Lisa Rene Smith, helped give many authors a start in the world of fiction. In fact, the dedication in The Naked Truth About Publishing tells authors to never give up their dream. Working together, Linda and Lisa made it possible.

They supported authors in another way. Many businesses claim to be a family, but the relationship between members is often more antagonistic than cooperative. Those associated with L&L, although many had never met face to face, did in fact form relationships. As one author stated, Linda and Lisa created  a business model that, "included striving for excellence tempered with caring."

That ended with Linda's death early in the morning of July 12, 2013 and the closure of L&L Dreamspell. Additional thoughts about Linda can be found in the Friday, July 12, 2013 post at thegalaxyexpress.net.
Although I had been a non-fiction author for many years, it was L&L Dreamspell and the dynamic team of Linda and Lisa that started me on the path of writing romance and fantasy.

My deepest sympathy to Lisa Smith, the other half of L&L, and to Linda’s family.

Till the next time ~ Helen 

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