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Made in Monmouth Reprise

A short note to recap the day. The grand prize hung out on the table until 3:00 but it went to a mother and daughter both of whom are avid readers. Among the items included were At Her Command by Marcia James.

Linda Rettstatt's tote bag was popular with the women. CDs with excerpts, including work by Jane Toombs and an ebook of Imprisoned in Stone rounded out the prizes. A t-shirt, needlepoint bookmark and a large chocolate bar were provided to set the mood for an evening of reading.

The MAC at Monmouth University is an interesting venue. Our tables lined the running rack overlooking the basketball court. At least one little girl knew what the rubberized coating was for and on the various marks dropped into the starting position, only to be recalled by her mother and told not to run. 

During the day, I watched any number of men who slowed to see the books until their wives pulled them along.

More amusing was the teen-age boy who slowed, saw a woman was behind the table, and then just before he passed the edge of the table snaked out a hand to get a business card for the fantasy, Imprisoned in Stone.

Because it was a sports venue, large screens hung over the middle of the basketball court. What normally displays the games ran a continuous loop of screen shots of the various products, and services at the event. So of course, everyone kept looking over their shoulder watching for when their name came up.

 As a personal thanks to all who participated, I've created a virtual goodie bag of those who participated.

Lorraine Bartlett   www.LorraineBartlett.com
The Booktown Mysteries
Victoria Square Mysteries
Tea Shop Mysteries

Linda Rettstatt  www.lindarettstatt.com
Mainstream Contemporary Romance
A Falling Star

Marcia James  http://marciajames.net/
At Her Command
Love Unleashed

Judy Gill @ Goodreads 
Gypsy Magic
A Father for Philip


Joyce DeBacco  www.joycedebacco.com
Tomorrow Blossoms

Pippa Jay www.pippajay.blogspot.com


Beth Caudill  http://www.bethcaudill.net/
the Paranormals of Arilase

Elaine Macko  http://www.elainemackobooks.com/
Armed  - An Alex Harris Mystery

Jill Hughey  http://jillhughey.bogspot.com/ 
The Evolution Series


Lydia Hawk   http://www.lydiahawke.us/
Civil War novels
Raiders on the St. Johns
Exiles on the St. Johns

Don't miss the movies of Firetrail and Perfect Disguise.
Or her suspense novel, Silent Witness, as Lydia Filzen.


Jane Toombs   http://www.janetoombs.com/
romance  mystery, fantasy and horror
Dragon Stone
Shared Whispers Anthology
Thanks for joining me. Until next time. ~Helen

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