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Only one man can wield the dragon sword’s power

Now Available. The latest of the Dragshi Chronicles, novella, Magic and Steel - Mt'wan Comraich

Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Publisher:  High Eyrie Publications

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The Lady Mairin Alidryer of the Dragshi searched for the one man in the world intended to be her mate. However, the man she left behind when she gained the freedom of flight refused to accept the truth that she did not love him. Now the head of a band of raiders, her former suitor turned stalker swore to have Mairin on her knees in front of him.

All that stands between his plans is the true human, Kedar, wielder of the enspelled sword called Mt’wan Comraich. But will the steel of the Protector of Mt’wan be enough.

Bodyguard to the Lady Mairin, Kedar dared not fail in his duty—or more dangerous—love her.
For like the true dragons, the shifters mated for life in this world and the one beyond.

~Till next time, Helen

And if you haven't flown with dragons before, look up Dragon Destiny, the first novel in the chronicles.

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