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Love Covers? Stop by the Ranch. #MFRWAuthor #CoverReveals

Love Covers? Love to see how artists interpret a story? Then stop by the Ranch and visit with Calisa Rhose. Each month she features romance.

For those who like a little paranormal or fantasy with their romance, the month of November showcased the covers for:

A Question of Boundaries by Sandy Bruney (Pararomal Romance)
Dream Home - Book #7 of the Dream Series by J.J. DiBenedetto (Paranormal Romance/Suspense)
In the Dark - Book #1 of The Cities Below series by Jen Colly (Paranormal Romance)
Unexpected Metamorphosis - Book One of the Alissia Roswell Series, Tianna Holley (Fantasy Romance)

And from Fantasia Frog Designs, the cover for my fantasy, Dragon Destiny, Book One of the Dragshi Chronicles.

From the contemporary or historical romance genres:

A Marquis For All Seasons by Renée Reynolds (Historical Romance)
Dearest Darling-TWRP- Love Letters series by Andrea Downing (Western Historical Romance)
Never Pick a Pretty Woman - Book #1 in Crystal Ridge Western series by Mary M. Forbes (Contemporary Romance)
Second Chance, Book #1 of the Chances Book trilogy by Martha O’Sullivan (Contemporary Romance)
The Jerusalem Connection by Janis Susan May (Contemporary Romantic Adventure)

Till Next Time ~ Helen

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