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Sunday Snippet - Suitors Compete in the Sky

Here's a sneak peek from the fantasy, Hatchlings Curse. Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and elsewhere.


The first thing Branin noticed when he joined Drak was the ruddy hint to the dun-colored dragon’s hide.

Drak lowered his head to Branin and Liam’s level. His eyes whirled and his usual confident tone contained a strange hesitancy. < Friend Branin, Friend Liam, I have a great favor to ask you both. Crisiant and I want to try one last time. In the short days we’ve spent in the valley, her color has brightened... and the urge to rise has renewed. My mate will fly, probably at the second dawning. According to the hieroglyphs, a successful mating requires a chase.> His voice stopped, as if he was unsure how to continue. 

<Drak does not want any others of his kind around,> Llewlyn told Branin. <His mind contains a violence unknown to dragons. Even I did not feel such a strong urge when Broch tried to kill Jessian.>

Branin noted the dragon soul’s comment without lessening his attention to Drak.

<Liam, Branin, not to impugn you dragshi, or Orfhlaith and Llewlyn, the dragons you are twinned to, but no shifter can catch a true dragon, unless we choose.> A plea entered his tone. <Knowing you cannot win, will you participate? Help me recreate the ancient conditions?>

“Of course,” Branin agreed. Liam echoed the sentiment a heartbeat later.

<Think before you commit yourself,> Drak urged. <We don’t know the effect such an action will have on you.> An apology rose to be quickly squashed. <I’m sorry, my friends, but I must be honest. I don’t even know if in the throes of the mating I will be able to control myself.> After a moment, he continued sadness in his heart. <On the ring of stones, they talk of the death of suitors.>


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