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Sneak Peek Sunday - Fly with Dragon Destiny

Sneak Peak Sunday - Six paragraphs from Dragon Destiny. Book one of the Dragshi Chronciles from Helen Henderson. 

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~ * ~

Anastasia caught her bottom lip between her teeth.

After a few minutes, the noise level dropped and Elem continued. “There is a tie between Uaine and Anastasia. One hundred ten points each.”

Applause echoed toward the setting sun. Uaine led Anastasia to her uncle to receive their reward which had been increased to three coppers each. After the well-wishers returned to their tasks, Anastasia led Uaine off to the side. “There is one more prize to be awarded,” she said. “A private wager.” Untying the yellow scarf from her upper arm, she balanced it in her hand. With a flourish she presented it to Uaine. “Fairly won. This is yours, as promised.”

Uaine took the scarf and strung it through his belt. His lips worked into a smile. “And my other prize?”

Anastasia looked into Uaine’s mischievous gaze. Despite the coolness of the evening, heat filled her cheeks.

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