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Characters Meet and Greet - Need a Name Tag?

When you walk into a large party or business meeting with dozens of people in attendance you never met before, do you have trouble remembering the names that go with the faces as everyone is introduced? I sure do! Thank goodness for BIG name tags is all I can say. (Yes, I stole these lines from Veronica Scott in her 10/24/16 post for Romance University.)

It is no easier for readers when they encounter large groups in a single scene. Characters with similar names, unusual names, or even just a lot of names can be confusing and make a reader's eyes glaze over. As a writer of fantasy - and it's being a series - there is by definition of multiple volumes a lot of characters to keep track of. As their creator, I can use a spreadsheet with crib notes so I know the name, relationship, and if they play a pivotal role. (Or if they get killed, secondary characters are not always known to survive the hazards of their world or the machinations of the bad guy.)

But a reader can't do that. They have to keep things straight in their own heads.

Best Selling Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance author Veronica Scott tackles that issue in her article, Meet my Characters – All of Them at Once.  Go over and find her tips on how to handle the the meet and greet that happens in the first chapter (and beyond).

~till next time, Helen

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