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New Year's Resolutions - What's yours?

New Year's Resolutions. They are meant to encourage us to start off the next year in a positive frame of mind, to make the new year better than the outgoing one. Yet the older some of us get, the worst each year seems to be. It might be the aches and pains from the damp and cold of winter or the melancholy left over after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. For some, the darkness is caused by the simple handwritten message scrawled in the yearly card, "We lost xxx this past spring." A reminder that with the passage of another year, another friend won't be there to share the new year with.

With all that it is easy to lose the passion and joy that marked earlier times in my writing career. The happiness when a story is completed or the excitement of a new contract paled in the face of the reality of the sales and royalty numbers in each month's email.

I came across what is for me as a writer, the best New Year's resolution and one I hope to adopt for the upcoming year. So with acknowledgement to Linda S. Clare who voiced the resolution, "In 2017, my goal is going to be to fall in love with writing again."

So to all my writer friends, that is my wish for you. And for the readers my wish is for you to find a new favorite author and to enjoy your old ones."

The person behind the resolution, Linda S. Clare, is described in her bio as a daydreamer, artist and storyteller. Read more about this resolution and why authors need to at least consider it at http://lindasclare.com/2016/12/the-best-writers-resolution/And here's an additional note if you start wavering. http://lindasclare.com/2017/01/keeping-writing-resolutions/

~till next time, Helen

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