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Searching For - Holiday Spirit 2016

I admit it. There are times when holiday spirit eludes me. It seems a little harder to catch each year. It might be age, stress, lack of sleep,too much responsibility, or too many memories. Beyond the usual craziness, there are loved ones no longer with us and the realization that this may be the last holiday with others. So to try to engage the holiday (notice I didn't say reclaim the childhood glow) there was attendance at a school band holiday program. It was worth seeing someone's eyes light up as they sang along. And then there was the local Christmas parade. The fake snow generated from the floats elicited the response from the crowd as the white fluff floated over their heads, "It's a white Christmas."

There are lots of holiday books, movies. There really isn't time or energy for binge watching movies, so each year I pull out the dog-eared copy of A Yuletide Wish and re-read one of the first stories I ever had published.

 Then there are the blog posts. This year my favorite was by Marianne Rice. It brought back memories of the empty corner, cutting down the tree in the back field, and decorating. The only thing she didn't cover was the village of paper mache buildings inherited from previous generations you had to be careful not to lean on or step on as you watered the tree.

Visit Rice's story on "My Favorite Christmas Ornaments" http://www.mariannerice.com/1/post/2016/12/my-favorite-christmas-ornaments-family-christmas-mfrwauthor.html

~till next time, Happy Holidays. Helen

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