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Weekend Writing Warriors, #SnippetSunday, My Master Lives?

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Visit the other participants on the list and read, and comment on their 8sunday posts. I missed adding the post to the linkly list last week, so ignore the date, this is this week's post. And if you happened to stop by in the past few days and saw it early, thanks for the visit.

Windmaster Legacy, Book 2 of my fantasy series, The Windmaster Novels. Last week was cliffhanger action, this time it's a focus on the characters. To set the scene, last week Lord Dal and his mount, the gray falaire stallion, Tairneach, were being herded to the edge of the plateau. We pick up with his apprentice's reaction when he saw his master go over the edge. And now the SundaySnippet.

* * * *

 Karora beat Murdo to Barris’s side by a handspan. The boy’s repeated, “No…no…no,” and pale face triggered a battle response. Her sword filled her hand even as she waited for an attack. The youth remained crouched over his scrying stone. Although she knew she would see no vision in the blue gem, Karora still squatted alongside Barris and looked over his shoulder.

“Barris, look at me,” Karora ordered. When the youth did not respond, she repeated the command. “We’re safe,” she comforted. Her hand dropped to his shoulder to reinforce her words.

Mumbling rose from the handful of Eilidh’s kin who stood in the doorway to the hut. Karora sent a silencing glare when she heard “Nothing there,” and “Seeing things.” At “Hysterical boy,” she started to rise. However, Aranin’s silhouette between Barris and those outside ended Karora’s action. The threat in the warrior’s quiet, “Do not speak of what you know nothing about,” silenced the comments.

* * * *

I hope you like the snippet I shared for Dal this week. Be sure to read the other Weekend Writing Warriors blogs and the #SnippetSunday authors for more great reads.

And if you're interest is roused, here's a one-click buy link to ebook sellers. ~till next time, Helen

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