Housekeeping - It's More than Dust Bunnies

I don't know about you but I am not a fanatical housecleaner. Growing up on a farm my mantra was clean to be healthy, dirty enough to be lived in. Now I don't' mean real dirt (although the red clay from the fields loved to be tracked in) it was more of a state of controlled confusion. Running several businesses while working full time insured the mantra was kept when I became an adult and had my own house.

Writers have a lot of digital housecleaning they need to do. Websites, blogs, backups, promotion schedules.

How often do you houseclean your website or blog? Read a few thoughts in my post at Romance University. The post is at  http://romanceuniversity.org/2017/07/24/housekeeping-tips-with-helen-henderson/

~till next time, Helen

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