Too Many Books... Too Many Authors #mfrwauthor

Welcome to week 6 of the 2018 challenge. I have enjoyed so many great books over the years that this topic basically came down to writing down my favorite authors on a wheel. Five spins, five selections.

Before I list the five authors to share a meal with, a caveat. The list is at this moment. It is a combination of my interest in books both as a reader and an author. And as we age our interests change so would the authors classified as our favorites.

Drumroll please...The five authors I'd like to meet are:

Anne McCaffrey, mistress of Dragonhold
Louis L'Amor, he walked the ground he wrote about
Barbara Hambly, magic, Star Wars, and Star Trek, three of my favorite things
Katherine Kurtz, of course I'd want to meet in the land of Scotland where the Adept series took place

And although it is officially a list of five, a pair of authors that have been a large part of writing life, but who I have never met in person, earned a special place in the list. First is the Nova Scotian pixie Carol McPhee. Her romantic suspenses taught action to share my works with romance. Then there is Judy Griffith Gill, who through sharing her editorial expertise (and me listening) improved my craft beyond measure.

~till next time. To see who the other authors in the hop would like to meet, visit their posts. The links follow.


  1. I remember you mentioning the Louis L'Amor last year for one of the topics. (I think, we know how bad my memory is)

  2. Definitely Louie L'Amour. You wheel is a unique way to choose your authors. I agree that our reading and favorite authors can change as we go along. Thanks for sharing.


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