Crickets #mfrwauthor

When I saw the topic list for 2018, I knew from the start that I wouldn't complete all 52 posts. There were just some that were either too personal or not relevant. At first I thought this week would be one. The temptation to rant would be too much. However, I decided to write a few words. If you've followed me on this challenge and the one in 2017, you'll note that I tend towards darker thoughts.

First, I'd like to say I'm not a contest person. Maybe it's my Scotch blood but I never had an interest in gambling. Spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on contest entries to me was just throwing money away. Now you could say that you are paying for exposure, or the possibility of having an award sticker on your website. That idea never held much water for me, just as I wouldn't give away novel after novel for the privilege of exposure.

I admit that I experimented with contests as a method of promotion. It didn't matter if it was a cover war, a reader's contest, consideration for a publication contract, or for actual money. The result was the same.

It didn't matter if I was with a publisher where the authors swore to assist each or the entry was as an independent author struggling against the tide. 

It didn't matter how hard I promoted or begged for votes. The results were the same -- the sound of crickets. 

Now I choose to believe that the non-existent votes were not the result of poor design or poor writing. More than one author has expressed the feeling that many contests are popularity contests. A point to note, never in my life was I the popular girl. Never the lead cheerleader standing in front of the crowds, I was the one who did the grunt work to make the event happen.

Will I ever enter another contest? Maybe. Will I ever expect to win? That answer is for me to know and you to guess.

~till next time, be sure to visit the other authors in the challenge.


  1. I've seen those 'contests' where you have to click to vote for someone. Those really are a matter of who has a bigger platform/following to help get the votes because it's not likely the average Joe will stumble across the sight and vote randomly.

  2. I agree, Helen, that some contests are all about how many people's arms you can twist. ;)

  3. I forgot about the cover contests. I've entered those but didn't have the following the winners had, and I hate begging for votes. However a cover did win once and I didn't know my book was even in it until it won. I'm glad you didn't miss this week.

  4. I don’t do contests either. Maybe because I’ve never been the popular girl.

  5. ALL contests are, as you said, "More than one author has expressed the feeling that many contests are popularity contests." and, like you, I was never 'popular' and still am not by any standards. I am, however, confused about 'cover' contests, because I have always paid for my cover art, so the win would be for my artist, not me... right? What is the point?

    1. Three reasons to enter I can thing of are the author is the cover designer; if you like your cover and your artist, submitting them is a way to say thank you, like a review for an author; many of the cover contests are free so it is exposure to a different group of readers.


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