2020 Challenge Observations

Another year is over. Wait... give it back. I haven't finished my WIP, holiday projects, crafts, baking apple pie, decorating Christmas cookies, and a million other things I still need to do. Oh well, someone flipped the calendar so I'm stuck with it. Here's a few reflections on the MFRW author 2020 challenge. Like the 2019 challenge, I knew from the start that I wasn't going to do the entire series. In fact, at the beginning of the year I hadn't planned on posting at all. With the final post, I had ended up doing 47 out of 52. Some topics were easy. Either they didn't require much thought or they were a repeat (or near repeat) of a topic from previous years.

Links to the 2020 posts by alphabetic topic are below. Again, congratulations to the other authors who participated. And to our readers I hope you enjoyed our revelations whether they be personal or about the writing life.

 ~till next time, Helen

Best leftover recipe (Potatoes and An Iron Pan)
Best Super Bowl ad
Best trait in a bff (Song Lyrics Say It Best)
Bravery is?
Buying a new car  (Whatever Works)
Can you talk politics with family and friends  (Not at the Table)

Cell phones (Useful at Times)
Chocolate: milk, dark, or light
City living or country (It's The ?? Life For Me)
Climate where you live (Hot Humid, What's Not to Like)
Cruises,love them or not 

Diet before summer? (Another Diet? Not Me)
Duty, Honor, Loyalty The Most Important Value to Teach Children
Ebookreader or must have a book in your hand (Old Fashioned? Maybe)
Editing. Love it or hate it
Ever read a book more than once? Which one and why? (Old Friends)

Family memories (Too Late They're Gone)
Favorite charity and why 
Favorite TV show of all time and why (Black and White or Color?)
Follow fashion Trends? (Red Carpet? Not Me.)

Greatest accomplishment of the year (Surviving)
History ReWritten
Hobbies outside of reading
How (what) does your garden grow and why (Dead Plants and Weeds)
How do you get your news (Not Like I Used To)

If you won the $10000 lottery 
June tips (Characters & History)
Keep daylight savings time 

Online Dating (Unaminity Works)
Online shopping or at stores (In Person, please)
Planning a trip (Map and a Full Tank of Gas)
Pre-Christmas catalog blizzard: Hate them or love them  (Paper, not Flakes)

Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone, genre and why (Escape Into Fantasy)
Renovation - Done It Or watched one on TV (Move Out)
Reflections on 2020 AtoZ Challenge
Secret Christmas wish you won't get  (Diamonds, Jewelry, or Food)
Snowy days (Good Book and Hot Cocoa)
Sunshiny day, what do you do? 

Takeout  (Support Your Local Businesses)
Travel Outside Your Own Country, Where would you like to go 
Voting...Do you? Why or why not?  (Does it Count?)
Writing or plot programs (I Prefer Dreams)
Your characters: do blonds really have more fun?
Your characters: more fun to write realists or pragmatists (View of the World)
Your destination is within 1500 miles and time is ok, fly or drive


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