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Out and Away - Dream Journeys #MFRWauthor

This week's official topic for the challenge is
"Five Places I'd Like To Visit."

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1) Horseback camping (or glamping) trip under the Big Sky

2) The land of waterfalls, tropical forests and pristine beaches - Hawaii. Only if Pele grants permission.

3) As a lover of science fiction, a journey to the stars has to appear on the list. But that means two decisions:  destination and transport.

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Transport first, and depending on availability, the command deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise with Jean Luc Picard in the center seat, Commander William T. Riker at his right, and sorry Deanna, I'm in the left seat; or as an alternative, the small, more intimate cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.

And now for the destination--the planet of Withym. I'd love to see the artifacts and the ancient temple they reside in. If you have never heard of Withym and its archaeological treasures, click on the cover in the sidebar and the READER'S BONUS button.

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4) and 5) Although we're supposed to write about five places, numbers 4 and 5 are combined because they didn't fit in just one. As a writer of fantasy, the genre makes the decision. The final journey on the list is to the British Isles to see the Emerald Isle, Wales, and the heart-home of my Scottish heritage.

Photo by Emily Roesly at Morguefile.com

Another reason to have Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, take up two slots. One is the land of today and the other ticket is reserved for a trip to a time long ago--the specific date to be determined.

Well, I'm off to book my trips. if any of the sites intrigues you, leave a comment. And be sure to consider some of the other places to visit selected by the other authors in the challenge.

~till next time, Helen


I’ve Been Nominated for a RONE Award

I am honored to have two of the Dragshi Chronicles in the running for a prestigious RONE award.  

Hatchling's Mate in the science fiction - fantasy category.

And so is, Hatchling's Vengeance.

Voting for the science fiction-fantasy category takes place from May 1st to May 7th at www.indtale.com.

I would LOVE to be in the finals. This is my first ever nomination for any award! I’m humbled and honored to be included with all of the other talented authors whose books have been selected this year. (Best wishes to all!)

If you enjoyed either Hatchling's Mate or Hatchling's Vengeance I’d appreciate your vote very much.

PS -  You MUST be registered at www.indtale.com in order to vote. Once you register, if you haven’t already, click the verification link sent via email. Verification of registration is needed to be able to vote.


To Catch a Dream #MFRWauthor

Dreams are ephemeral. They appear as a shiny lure just out of reach.  And when achieved, the satisfaction doesn't always match the expectation. hence the old axiom, Be careful what you wish for. It might come true.

Dreams are not a one-size fit all, while there might be one that is held onto from childhood, in reality different dreams fit different stages of life. The childhood dream of being an astronaut was replaced by the more earthbound airline pilot. Not to tell my age, but at the time of those dreams, they were men only clubs. Since they were not achievable given the time and circumstances, they were put aside as unrealistic. Adult dreams of a college degree, family, and job were achieved to some degree. Others yielded to the pragmatism of caregiving.

I am hesitant to reveal my latest--and biggest--dream, to become a published author. Deep down there was the qualification of "New York Times Best-Selling author," to be published by one of the big New York Five. Luck can be as important in achieving a dream as talent. The right person at the right time gets the foot into the door, which is needed because talent can't be recognized if it can't be seen.

I am a published author and have been in some form or another for many, many years. Small presses, regional, and national offered contracts. Other works went the independent route. Even if book sale numbers aren't in the stratosphere, there is the knowledge that each of my works in the national and international magazines were read by more than 100,000 people.

The sad part about dreams is having to admit they won't come true. Although this is being posted in late spring, it was written during the cold dark days of winter in a hospital room. Whether you dream big or small, my wish is that your's not only come true, but that they bring you happiness. Be sure to visit some of the other authors in the challenge to see what their dreams were and if they came true.

~till next time, Helen


Where Do You Hangout? #MFRWauthor

Hanging out. One definition is "to spend time in a place, to be together socially." So here's a few if my favorite places to 'hang out' online.

When going online, I hang out first on my email server. Although email isn't traditionally considered social media, I include it because I check the posts and news from the online groups I belong to via email. Another reason to include email as a 'hangout' is emails serve to initiate contact with other more traditional social media sites when the items are shared on them.

Facebook is next up. Scanning the timeline leads to sharing selected items on my author page. With occasionally a share to twitter.

Twitter usually gets the bulk of my hangout time. Reading tweets, re-tweeting, and programming messages for upcoming events, blog posts, and supporting other authors. I have lists set up for those I follow, people who follow me and my favorite groups @MFRW_org and @RomanceUniv.

Goodreads, Pinterest

Goodreads is an occasional hangout. I'm not there every day but check-in regularly. I love my readers and Goodreads is where the contact is more personal than some of the other sites.

To Blog or Not to Blog
The final online hangout is here on my blog where I share news of my writing, notes on writing life, and bits too long for Facebook and Twitter. A really good day is when a review is posted or a reader leaves a note.

Now that I've shared some insights, to find me at the hangout of your choice, click on the icons on the sidebar or the links below. Hope to hang out soon. And be sure to visit the other autors in the challenge.

~till next time, Helen

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Inspiration Floats On The Wind #mfrwauthor

Welcome to week 14 of the 52-week blog challenge. This week's topic is story inspiration.

I find inspiration in various aspects of the world around me. A verse of music, a few notes of a tune or a photo from some exotic place can trigger an idea. But not all inspiration is the same. Sometimes a dream awakens me in the middle of the night and gives the overall storyline for a new work or a scene unfolds like a scene from a movie.

Those are 
inspiration for a specific item. Then there is the writing inspiration. The music or image that transports you to another world. For fantasy worlds, celtic flute gives me dragon wings or lets me sail with mages. 


Pictures provide a ground in a setting while the music invites the muse to visit.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from the story and the characters themselves. When the end was typed for Hatchling's Mate there were several characters whose ultimate fates remained to be determined. Their paths could be sealed by vengeance or redeemed by love. The storyline was a new approach I wanted to explore and I took the inspiration from the characters themselves. And the result was Hatchling's Vengeance.

Stop by the other authors in the challenge to see what inspires them. And come back each week for new insights into the authors of MFRW and their writing life.
~till next time, Helen

After this week's challenge was written, I came across a post I had to include. Inspiration by Handsome Hansel