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I'm Not Social #mfrwauthor

Welcome to this week's Friday post in the 2018 MFRW challenge. This week's topic required some thought. First off, I don't enjoy hanging out just for the sake of it. There are too many parts of my life that require attention and time. Connecting for me is a one-on-one effort, not a shotgun blast out into the ether. Then there is the question of an almost identical 2017 topic.

Rather than recap the 2017 challenge post which covered online hangouts, the official 2018 topic is "Favorite Social Media Hangouts." So, rather than rehash last year's post, I thought I'd look at how things have changed.

Facebook is changing their algorithms yet again. Long gone are the days when every friend or follower received your post in their timeline so I tend to focus more on groups.

My sharing on Twitter has increased through participation in MFRW programs especially the monthly Retweet Party.

is still where I connect with readers both through the cross-posting of my blog and through groups. However, even that contact has changed now that the costs to do a giveaway can exceed the lifetime earnings of a book.

Although some wouldn't consider a blog as social media, I would say my favorite social media site is my blog. It allows me to share craft and life. I share news of my writing, notes on writing life, and bits too long for Facebook and Twitter. A really good day is when a review is posted or a reader leaves a note.

Now that I've shared some insights, to find me at the hangout of your choice, click on the icons on the sidebar or the links below. Hope to hang out soon. And be sure to visit the other authors in the challenge.

~till next time, find me at the hangouts below. Helen

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Hooked on Hatchlings Curse, A Mate Lost? #MFRWauthor

The dragshi are more than just a man or woman, but two beings—one human, the other a dragon. The pair share one body in space and time and are able to change forms with the other at will. But be warned, a dragon form comes with more than just the freedom of the sky.

The Dragshi Chronicles-- action-filled, romance-laden fantasies.

After millennia of waiting...and searching, Branin and his dragon counterpart, Llewlyn, have found their intended mates.
For the dragshi, the freedom of flight comes with a price--childlessness. Now Branin has to find a cure. Cryptic references to mating flights offer hope, but dark references about the deaths of suitors threatens not only his life, but the dreams of all dragon shifters.

Last week's excerpt ended with Branin being wounded when he served as wingman for the mating flight of his two friends. Since there were requests to see what happens next, a scene that answers the question.


Anastasia raced off the ledge. Between one step and the next, the changing mist surrounded her and she emerged on the wing. Blocking out the pain of Branin’s wounds, she rushed toward the aerial fight.

Another searing wave of agony surged through her veins. Redness clouded her vision. It felt like her arm had been severed from her body. Twisting her head, she expected to see her limb hanging uselessly at her side, but it still beat in symphony with the other. It was not her pain, not her body being clawed and torn. <Hang on, Branin,> Anastasia cried. <I’m coming.>

Her searching gaze found what it feared. A black spot plummeted to the ground, growing closer with each heartbeat.

<Branin, no!> Anastasia screamed.

The link with Jessian throbbed with the power the dragon fed through it. <We will save them.> Then in an even stronger cry the dragon soul called out to her mate. <Llewlyn, live for me!>

Anastasia’s entire being focused on the falling Branin. I will save him... or die.

She reached him and moaned at the sliced hide flapping in the wind. In an intricate maneuver, she placed her body directly beneath the amber dragon, bearing his full weight on her back. Muscles strained as she fought to slow their descent.

Her burden was too great and the jagged mountain peaks too close. In a final attempt, Anastasia circled into an updraft, using the mountain itself to aid her quest. Heartbeat after heartbeat, she balanced the opposing forces until she crashed through tree branches to the ground. With a gentleness of a mother with a babe, she eased her burden to the thick moss. Glacial ice surrounded her heart at the limp wings and boneless neck.

From deep in her mind came a questioning. Would healing fire work on the dragon form?

* * *

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