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Memories of Firsts #MFRWauthor

Welcome to Week 42 of the 2017 Challenge. This week's topic required some thought. First Love. Now that can be taken a lot of ways. As a child my first love was a sable collie named Bumps. More on him next week. Or I could write about my love of horses which also began as a child. Which could be why magical equines with attitude seem to insert themselves into my fantasy novels.

The romance writer said, "No. The post is supposed to be about your first encounter with love. Or it could be about the first boy you kissed or maybe the first man to steal your heart." Note to self: circle date on the calendar. Put string on finger. Don't forget 45th anniversary.

Of the options presented that feature romance, I won't reveal the name of recipient of that first kiss. The topic didn't specify the love had to be reciprocated so I will tell the story of the encounter--I was six. A boy in my class asked his mother for a ring. He preferred her diamond engagement ring. (He had good tastes). The reason was he wanted to give me the ring for my birthday because he loved and wanted to marry me. Obviously his mother didn't provide the ring. We weren't pampered that much back in the day. No cars to graduate high school, no computers at age three. No, for the birthday a gift from the local five and dime store sufficed. The jewelry is long gone, the boy moved on to another. However the memory remains as a family "remember when" story.

After deliberation, I'm going to write about my first love -- books. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mysteries and the Cherry Ames nurse books (prophetic since I'm now a caregiver) flew off my parent's bookcase shelves, then I moved to emptying the county library. Action adventure, westerns, and spy novels gave way to E. E. Doc Smith and Isaac Asimov. In time, the titles were by more contemporary authors, Barbara Hambly and Anne McCaffrey. Romance entered the mix with the works of Carole McPhee and Judy Griffith Gill (who also crosses genres to science fiction.)

I still love reading books. So my first love still remains a true one.

So that's my post. "Who" or "What" was your first love? Read the other posts in the hop to see what their creators reveal.

~till next time, Helen


Out and About at Romance University

Once again I'm a visiting professor (love that title) at RomanceUniversity. Hope you'll stop by and read the post on comment netiquette. Find out if you are a comment spammer or an etiquette queen.


~till next time, Helen


Narration or Imagination #MFRWauthor

This blog focuses on books, writers, and the writing life. The only recipe you will find apart from one made by one of my characters or one uncovered in historical research is the one from the challenge later this year. So when the topic of inspirations appeared on the challenge, that presented a challenge. Do I narrate the world around me, take the easy way out, or chose the option behind door number 3. I'll let you decide for yourselves as here are some inspirations for posts, either from the past or yet to come.

  • legends from the world of the dragshi
  • rides with the magical equines of Imprisoned in Stone and the world of Windmaster


  • legends from the world we inhabit
  • research sources and information that intriques for possible storylines
  • pictures that inspired a storyline

  • other blogs on writing, writing life/li>
  • how-to articles on writing, writing life, marketing
  • snippits from books, both mine and others
  • share news. Releases of my books and those of friends, colleagues, and even some strangers. The best kind of news -- when books get stars or win a contest.
That's just a few of the inspirations for a blog whose tagline is "Journey to the stars and worlds of imagination. Here's your itinerary for your trip into fantasy or the future." Be sure to click on the links below to see what inspires the blogs of the other authors in the challenge.

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