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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Visit the other participants on the list and read, and comment on their 8sunday posts.

Today's excerpt is from Windmaster, the first book of the fantasy, romance series, the Windmaster Novels. To set, the scene, Sea Falcon is becalmed and a pirate flag sighted.  And now the SundaySnippet.

* * * *

Mage light flared into being. It burned up the fog an arm’s length around Dal to reveal dark objects that were men. The green glow hovered over Dal’s head and glinted off the wizard’s sword. He swung the heavy weapon in great arcs, cutting through not only the obscuring air, but through flesh and bone. Each move severed an attacker’s limb or blocked a sword thrust. The press of a dozen halberd-wielding men forced the wizard back. With each step, the circle of the invader’s weapons tightened.

A flick of Ellspeth’s wrist sent a stiletto into a pirate’s back. She started toward Dal. Two men climbed the steps to the quarterdeck, blocking her way to the wizard. Her flashing swords discouraged their advance.

* * * *

Available in Ebook or Paperback at Amazon or Amazon.uk. (Be sure to check out the series while its on sale for the holidays.)

I hope you like the snippet I shared for Ellspeth this week. Be sure to read the other Weekend Writing Warriors blogs and the #SnippetSunday authors for more great reads. ~till next time, Helen


Resistance is Futile #MFRWauthor

In order to answer the question whether temptation helps or hurts, both the personal and the temptation itself need to be considered. There are some people that are more prone, whether through their personalities or a physical response, to whom giving in even a little can put them on a downward spiral. Just one XXX (fill in the blank, food, drug, experience, drink, personal temptation) leads to more and more until the desire has become a driving need.

Give in, it helps.  Psychological studies have show that sometimes giving in to a small temptation can help reduce or control the desire. In this case that one bite of chocolate helps you control the cravings for that entire bag of candy. There is a corollary. That the longer something is desired, the harder it is to resist. I think this is something many romance authors know instinctively because of the way we make our characters wait for their HEA.

Hurt - physical, emotional
Maybe that one bite of forbidden food won't physically hurt you. A diabetic whose glucose levels are well controlled might be able to give in to temptation and eat an occasional cookie. It would not be wise to allow temptation to rule and have a large piece of apple pie a la mode washed down with non-diet soda and then have a piece of cake a few minutes later for a snack. And if you are allergic to something and that is your temptation, the hurt can be physical and quick. Even if the cheese is scraped off that cheeseburger it can still trigger a reaction. And if allergic to nuts, no how matter how strong the lure, a peanut-butter /marshmallow creme sandwich would definitely not be a good idea.

An additional hurt is if you allow the fact that you gave into temptation to psychologically set the tone for the rest of your days, temptation definitely hurts. It might take you several years to get that one-year coin, but you will never get it if you quit resisting temptation.

I personally wish I had more will power. Or that temptation wasn't so strong.

~till next time, be sure to visit the other authors in the challenge.


Hooked on Windmaster Legend, Lantern Rising, #MFRWAuthor

A forbidden love. An impossible quest. The accusation of witchcraft. Can love survive?

A snippit from Windmaster Legend

To set the stage, in the spirit of reflection and giving thanks, a scene from the lantern rising festival. Pelra will be helping crew one of the vessels releasing the collected lanterns and using the time to help settle her own feelings for the two men in her life. Bolte is a young ensign who is also working the event and his parents are Analese and Lendar, who came to see him off.

To distract herself from the emotions rising at Iol’s closeness, Pelra read the handwritten notes on the sky lanterns closest to her. Some were thanks for a profitable year, while others were prayers for the one to come. Many were poignant remembrances of loved ones who had passed beyond the veil. The dream listed on one lantern clutched at her heart.

Air and sky together forever,
May our two lives be as joined.
With nothing between but a gentle zephyr.
Air and sky, bless our journey.

Even more than the words, the signatures, one small and neat, the other large and scrawling, had Pelra adding her own prayer that the wishes being sent skyward be granted. The lantern bore the names Analese and Lendar. She looked at Bolte to see if the youth had noticed his parent’s contribution to the festival. However, he was concentrating on arranging things to get all the lanterns in the air as quickly as possible and appeared oblivious to the dreams and hopes he would soon be sending into the air.

Bolte will be the one to launch Analese and Lendar’s lantern, Pelra vowed. And added her own wish for it to rise high. For legend said that wishes on a lantern that caught fire before reaching the clouds would never be fulfilled.

~ * ~

You'll have to read Windmaster Legend to see the release of Analese and Lendar's lantern. And whether or not Pelra's own wishes come true. Ebook on sale at Amazon for the holidays.


Available in Ebook or Paperback at Amazon, Amazon.uk and other amazon sites

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