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Ten Years? A Lifetime #mfrwauthor

Ten years.... a decade. Depending on your age, it could be 10, 20, or even 30% of the life you've experienced. I come from a generation where a lady never reveals her age so I won't tell my percent But even still, 10 years is a long time.

I can't imagine what my life will be 10 years from now. Will I be alive? In reasonably good health? Still a caregiver? Will I even be able to type or write? Only the fates know the answer to that. As to what I'd like for the decade to include? I'd like to capture more of the books rattling around in my drawer or gathering dust in my head and get them on paper and published.

And I'd like to have a presenter nametag from a major convention stuck on the corkboard in my office.

There is a flip side to dreams -- reality. I don't expect to be a presenter at RWA or a major sci-fi conference. Or win a Rone, Rita, or any other award.

Where will you be in 10 years? Share in a comment and be sure to visit the other posts in the challenge.

~till next time, Helen

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Windmaster Behind the Scenes - Carved Doors

Carved in the panels of a pair of ancient wooden doors, the mottos of the trading guild, House of Cszabo, were introduced in Windmaster. Fair Trade – Fair Profit triggered Ellspeth's childhood memories of when she took trips with her grandmother Rima. Voyages which set the stage for Ellspeth's own destiny as the bearer of golden bracelets of command. And imbued in her the proper way to treat others. I used gold bracelets to mirror the way her guild implemented the golden rule.

The second guild motto, Kin Above All – But Honor, did more than illustrate Ellspeth's sense of duty. It sent her on the vengeance path with the Archmage. To her kin meant more than just by blood, it also pertained to any member of her trading house. So the death of her cabin boy and the attempted murder of her entire crew by a kinsman broke the vow both ways.

There were several inspirations for the second motto. Bushido, a Samurai code that places honor above all else. The actual working of the inspiration for the motto was “Loyalty before all else except honor.” Lt. Vincent Hardy, Striking Distance.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into the Windmaster Novels. Visit the page for more information and buy links. 

~Till next time, Helen


My World #mfrwauthor

I don't know why anyone would want to, but come along for a day in the life of a business owner, wife, daughter, caregiver, laundrywoman, craft person, and oh yeah, writer and author.

The clock strikes 12:01 AM, midnight bells have rung and the world is settling down. The monitor goes off in a request for the first bathroom run of the night. Back to bed, hopefully for a quick few hours sleep, and if I'm lucky the monitor won't go off until 4 o'clock in the morning. Or if I'm really, really, lucky, I'll get to sleep until 6 or 7. Then the real day begins. Vitals and meds (or pills and pokies as they have been called), cooking breakfast, then bolting down a bite or two of my own.

A quick check of emails then its time for pre-lunch vitals, making lunch, and another quick bite for me.

Afternoons have open slots filled with grocery shopping, mental or physical exercises, filing, cleaning, laundry, and the myriad of other items needed to keep a household running. A few moments of writing might sneak in before its time to cook dinner.

After dinner, with its vitals and meds, is a little downtime with Wheel of Fortune keeping everyone occupied while I sneak in computer work such as paying bills, coordinating affairs, and work on whatever project requires it the most.

Bedtime is a repeat of the morning routine, but with less marks to be made on the checklist. When snores start coming from the back bedroom it's "me time." A cold drink, my feet up, and out comes the notes and computer. Work on the current project, the post for the 52-week  challenge, interviews or other blog posts, research on whatever needs it, fills the time until bed. Other nights instead of computer work out comes the handcrafts to get ready for the next event.

Off to bed and a relaxing hour of television and the clocks strikes 12 again.

That's the 'usual' run of the day. Then there are the weekly gym visits, grandchildren and great-grandchildren's birthdays or other family events, and fixing whatever crisis comes up that day/week/month. 

Welcome to my world. The physical one not the world where I hang out with mages, ride magical equines, and fly with dragons. Be sure to visit the other posts in the challenge. ~till next time. Helen

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    Hear, Read, or Hold #MFRWauthor

    I have a confession to make. Although I have authored ebooks, I don't have a Kindle, Nook, tablet or any other ebook reader. So it should come as no surprise, I like my books with physical pages. Hardcover or softcover doesn't matter as long as its pages are paper.

    It's not that I'm anti-technology. Not to tell my age, but I remember electric typewriters replacing old manual Remington ones--and the introduction of the then 'new-fangled' word processor. They were not like the modern software versions of today with spell check and the bane to some of us fantasy writers, auto-correct. The word processors were not much more than electric typewriters outfitted with either a magnetic tape reader/writer or a card reader/writer.

    Now that might not seem that groundbreaking an invention, but consider this. Not having to retype an entire page of manuscript because of a mis-spelled word or two, or to change a phrase. Secretaries fought over the machines, especially at review time.  Despite having taken hours to type (no corrections were allowed), each step in the chain of command always changed something. Even something as simple as a word here or a sentence there meant more hours typing to get the 20 plus pages of the 8-carbon form ready for the next review. With a mag-tape machine, you could correct the one or two pages that needed it, and reprint out the entire form in minutes rather than hours or sometimes even days.

    I'll get a tablet someday. Until then I'll read ebooks (both my own and those of other authors) using apps on my laptop. One thing I don't see in the foreseeable future? Getting rid of my shelves of to be read, read but want to read again, and reference books.

    Till next time, Helen  And be sure to visit the other authors in the hop.


    Housekeeping - It's More than Dust Bunnies

    I don't know about you but I am not a fanatical housecleaner. Growing up on a farm my mantra was clean to be healthy, dirty enough to be lived in. Now I don't' mean real dirt (although the red clay from the fields loved to be tracked in) it was more of a state of controlled confusion. Running several businesses while working full time insured the mantra was kept when I became an adult and had my own house.

    Writers have a lot of digital housecleaning they need to do. Websites, blogs, backups, promotion schedules.

    How often do you houseclean your website or blog? Read a few thoughts in my post at Romance University. The post is at  http://romanceuniversity.org/2017/07/24/housekeeping-tips-with-helen-henderson/

    ~till next time, Helen