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Sitting at the Adult Table #mfrwauthor

It's Friday. Time again for the challenge. It's halfway through and I'm still posting. That's a surprise. This is another of the topics that required some thought. If you've been following the challenge, you'll remember that I can be a bit memory challenged. So what would be my favorite holiday memory?

It could be the Memorial Day honeymoon, or the repeat many years later. A third visit to the area didn't materialize this year. So that is out. It might be the Fourth of July where my great-niece was captured on camera in a great picture with her grandfather. But nope, I can't use the picture. That would not only violate copyright, but the now young woman's privacy. And it isn't really a memory.
So here it goes. It might not be the favorite holiday memory, but it is a holiday tale. When I was growing up, Thanksgiving and Christmas always meant full houses with between seventeen to twenty-one people seated around the table. Even with extra leaves in the table, not everyone fit. The solution was to bring in the picnic table and benches so there would be the "adult" table and the "children's" table. Age did not necessarily mean an automatic upgrade to adult if you were needed to assist younger children ** waves hand
**, that was me. 

Later I eventually was able to sit at the adult table. That isn't the end of the story. The tale of the adult and children's table was slightly fictionalized and published as "A Place At the Table" in A Yuletide Wish.

So the memory could be being the most senior person at the children's table, graduating to the adult table, or the thrill of one of my first pieces accepted for publication.

 ~till next time, Helen


Hooked on Imprisoned in Stone, Weather Fought, #MFRWHooks

The posts still showcase magic of a darker kind, Imprisoned in Stone. For the crime of healing without payment, the Brethren imprisoned Dylan’s soul in stone. When a mind touches his and hope for escape from his eternal prison soars. 

To set the scene, Maerva has been accepted as an apprentice mage and is learning her craft. Her first journeyman task is to escort a herd of magical equines called the seisag to a winter grazing ground. In last week's post, the blizzard that had chased the herd from the mountains caught up with them.


A spark of heat flared from the rock held between her palms. Maerva threw strength into her magic and the fire spread to form an orange glow that rose up her arms to encompass her entire body. The radiance expanded out in a wedge. The winds broke apart like a wave going around a headland. Closing her eyes in concentration, she held the protection. Behind her, she sensed the resting seisag, their individual auras miniature versions of the brilliant red that marked Eirean’s being.

Hour after hour, Maerva stood, a bulwark against the weather. She wavered on her feet from sheer exhaustion. Like a living thing sensing weakness, the storm pounced. The wind picked up intensity forcing her to retreat. One step led to another until she came up against an immovable object. The smell of wet hair filled her nose. Eirean!

Deep in her desperate fight to regain control, Maerva felt a reassurance... and something more. She leaned against Eirean, pulling strength from the stallion’s presence. Her trance deepened. Soon, nothing existed save the spell.

~ * ~

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Creative Without Paper #mfrwauthor

Many of the prompts in the 52 weeks-52 posts challenge dare the participating authors to reveal something personal about themselves. This week's topic is "Creative Outlets I Enjoy." This post is going to be short. One reason is that a post in last year's challenge was hobbies which, over the years, has been my main creative outlet. Another outlet, has been teaching. Whether museum protocols or writing craft, developing the material could be considered a creative effort.

That said, at this time and place my main creative outlet is writing. Rather than highlighting my covers (the really gorgeous ones I can't claim ownership of), or of my books (in an effort to ask for reviews), I'm going to do a photo array of some of the creative things I've done.

Photography - Needlepoint - Painting - 

Leave a comment if you will. And be sure to check out the posts of the other authors who have challenged themselves to reveal their inner selves and their writing lives.

~till next time, Helen