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Stars and More Stars #MFRWauthor

Welcome to the 52-week challenge. Only a few more weeks to go and the topic is about bragging. We can brag about our children or grandchildren. Or, something else close to our hearts. Everyone in the challenge are authors. We've spent months, years, or even decades creating a book. They are part of us. Yet we send them out into the hard, cruel world. This week allows us to brag about them. So as a proud writer, here's a few words from the four and five star reviews and other comments made about my babies. Oops, I mean my creations.

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 Comments on The Windmaster Novels


"Not to be missed"

"You are hereby warned: this fascinating story will keep you up all night, turning those pages!"

"A great read by an author with magic in her veins."

"This beautifully crafted novel is filled with fascinating characters."

Windmaster Legacy

"The magic of the fantasies Henderson weaves will stay with you forever. Don't miss this beautifully written, powerfully evocative sequel."

"Fascinating story and wonderful characters make for a great read. Sit back, let your imagination flow, and enjoy!"

About the Dragshi Chronicles

Dragon Destiny

"one of the best dragon shifter stories I have ever read."

Helen "gives the reader a powerful tale of young love, of holding back, of understanding and of making life work."

"You find yourself being pulled into the story and not wanting to put it down."

Hatchlings Curse

"Any fantasy lover would enjoy this epic tale."

Hatchling's Mate

"An enjoyable fantasy read, especially for fans of dragons."

Hatchling's Vengeance

"The complexity of the story, the romance, the number of secondary characters and the strength of the world building make this novel a true keeper."

Henderson "puts the reader right in the middle of the action, painting pictures vividly for their imagination"

"an entertaining tale with plenty of dragon fun!!"

Here's the rest of the posts on this week's topics. Stop by to see what the others brag about.


Never Forget #mfrwauthor

By the time they've reached a certain age, most people have experienced a number of unforgettable events. Graduation from high school and maybe later college, getting married and the birth of their first child, or the death of a loved one. I decided to go elsewhere for the post and select another day that will take generations before we forget it -- September 11, 2001.

The impact of the date goes beyond the attack on the national psyche it was personal. Although the fall of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the crash of  United Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, can technically be considered two events, for me they are one, inextricably entwined. No I did not forget the losses at the Pentagon, but read on and you'll see why the other two crashes affected me more.

On the date now simply called 9-11, I lived across the bay from lower Manhattan and stood on the boardwalk watching the smoke rise from the buildings. Other connections were working in the north tower for several years and knowing someone who died on Flight 93. The picture is the tower of light memorial that was held for several years on the anniversary of 9-11. Hundreds of local residents would go to local boardwalks to view the tribute. Even if it was only a slow drive along the shore road or a few moments of quiet prayer standing at the water's edge.

Tribute in Lights (Used under Creative Commons CCO License, via Pixabay)
September 11th also impacted me as a writer. At the time I was finishing up a local history. The impact to the nation and on the community dictated the event be acknowledged in the book. Especially considering town resident's lost in the towers and on Flight 93. What was initially planned as a few lines turned into a chapter--and a warning. With emotions so raw at the time, purchasers were warned about the final chapter in the book so they wouldn't be blindsided. Those same emotions of anger and loss reared again years later when another local history, this time one of an organization was written. One of those lost on Flight 93 was a leader of the church and included in the book, which meant reliving those dark days.

What's a day you'll never forget because of its impact on you? Feel free to share in the comments and be sure to visit the other posts in the challenge. 

~till next time, Helen


Thank you for your service

In the past Ive said "thank you for your service," by posting a poem inspired by a doughboy statue, giving a nod to a local program, or mentioning a special effort such as the K9 Sgt. Denny Project.

This year, in honor of those who wore the uniform as well as those who held the homefront together while awaiting their return, a new release that was years in the making. Hearth and Sand is twelve tales of duty and honor, love and romance. 

Set universes apart and separated by decades in time, the stories in Hearth and Sand reflect a continuity of service from the past to the present and into the world of tomorrow. Although the events are fictional, the voices captured within these pages came from historical notes, veterans’ own words, letters left by their ancestors, or contemporary events. Pen was put to paper while watching fighter planes land in the Philippine Islands and in the shaded woods of a stateside farm.

The tales cross genre from contemporary to historical, and science fiction to poetry. More on the tales can be found here.

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And on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, thank you for your service and prayers that peace will someday render war unknown.