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Hooked on Imprisoned in Stone, Powers Bound, #MFRWHooks

For the next several weeks, the posts will showcase magic of a darker kind. Imprisoned in Stone. For the crime of healing without payment, the Brethren imprisoned Dylan’s soul in stone. Every full moon, they awakened him and renewed the bonds. When the blood dried on the stone, his awareness faded, but during those few brief moments, he had one thought--revenge.


Awareness returned. Not in the gradual clearing of a gray fog, but in an explosion to full consciousness. With it came yet another cycle of the torture Dylan had suffered for countless years. The memory of his dead wife, Ethne, and their son, Fallon, brought with it a glimpse of the happiness that once was theirs. Pain at the loss of everything he once loved followed.

The murderers of his family once again stood before him, as they had time and again. Dylan prepared to fight. His hand closed around the hilt of his sword. Nothing was there. A moan grounded in despair echoed through Dylan’s soul. His spirit was still bound to the stone... his powers still chained by the magic of his enemies. He was helpless.

~ * ~

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