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Useless? Odd? #MFRWauthor

We're at week 38. And it's Friday again. We are supposed to write about "my odd/useless talent." Now, let's see. First I have to define useless and odd.

Can I spread my fingers in the Vulcan greeting? No.

Can I raise one eyebrow? No.

Am I ambidextrous? Only when I have to be, then more food falls off the fork than into my mouth. I can use a mouse with both hands as long as it isn't detailed graphics work.

Some might consider crocheting dragons or collecting art tiles as useless or odd. But the collecting was just covered last week.

Some would say that writing fantasy is useless, or at the very least, odd. But I like to fly with dragons and hang out with mages.

That is as far as I go with this post. ~till next time. Helen


Hooked on Hatchlings Curse, Will it Work? #MFRWhooks

For the next several weeks, the posts will showcase snippits from the Dragshi Chronicles. First up, a teaser from Hatchlings Curse. Mating flights do not always include the woman you want. We've seen the flight, and a dragon fall from the sky. By demand, the answer to the question, "Will healing fire work on a dragon?"


Anastasia did not need Jessian’s mournful, <I’m sorry, my sister> to confirm her fears. The wounds were fatal.

I have to heal him. I can save him. The words became a mantra. Anastasia wrapped her lifeline around Branin’s, willing him to live. Before she could give into her self-doubt, she sucked a long gulp of air deep into her lungs and released the life-giving magic in a single wall of flame. Again and again, she played her healing energy over the wounds. The bleeding stopped. Gaping tears closed, leaving behind only narrow pink lines.

Long after the breath ended, she fed her own life-force into the fire that danced over Branin’s body until she could no longer maintain the effort. The last spark flickered out, leaving behind only a wisp of smoke coming from her muzzle. Spent, she collapsed to her knees.

<Let me help you,> Jessian said. Without waiting for permission, the dragon soul not only initiated the shift from dragon form to human, but provided the necessary energy to fulfill it.

Anastasia pulled Branin’s head onto her lap. Tears flowed down her cheeks, falling onto his.

His body shuddered and relaxed.

<It is not the finality of death,> Jessian asserted. <Llewlyn is with me—and with Branin.>

Her words provided little comfort, still Anastasia grabbed at the lifeline. Every ounce of her will, of her love for Branin, went along the cord that bound her to him. Finally, she recalled the years of loneliness he had spent waiting for her. And her joy in finding him.

His body shuddered a second time.

End of Excerpt:

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