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Old Fashioned? Maybe. #mfrwauthor

Welcome to Week 43 of the MFRW 52-week challenge. The topic is "Ebook reader or must have a book in your hand?" If you look at my office and its bookshelves, it is apparent that I like books. The units are loaded with paperback and hard cover books for reading and research.

I have a confession to make. Although I have authored ebooks, I only recently came into possession of a tablet. Before that I read ebooks (both my own and those of other authors) using apps on my laptop. It isn't really a very comfortable method as the laptop weighs enough that the pressure on my legs gets uncomfortable very quickly.

It's not that I'm anti-technology. Not to tell my age, but I remember electric typewriters replacing old manual Remington ones--and the introduction of the then 'new-fangled' word processor. They were not like the modern software versions of today with spell check and the bane to some of us fantasy writers, auto-correct. The word processors were not much more than electric typewriters outfitted with either a magnetic tape reader/writer or a card reader/writer.

Now that might not seem that groundbreaking an invention, but consider this. Not having to retype an entire page of manuscript because of a mis-spelled word or two, or to change a phrase. Secretaries fought over the machines, especially at review time.  Despite having taken hours to type (no corrections were allowed), each step in the chain of command always changed something. Even what today would be a simple word replacement back then could mean hours typing to get the 20 plus pages of the 8-carbon form ready for the next review. With a mag-tape machine, you could correct the one or two pages that needed it, and reprint out the entire form in minutes rather than hours or sometimes even days.

I do see one advantage to the tablet as opposed to the laptop. I am a full-time caregiver and am often up late at night. With no light, reading a paperback isn't practical. With the tablet I can read and not have to worry about waking anyone up. Of course, you might say that the laptop would do the same. However, the labtop is a lot heavier and the keyboard is not backlit. 

There is also a disadvantage to a tablet as evidenced by a cartoon I recently saw on social media where the paperback hit the tablet's off button. Like any electronic device the tablet can die at a moment's notice. In fact, mine (whose popular manufacturer will remain unmentioned) decided to stop working for three works, before it decided to return from its vacation.

While I now have a tablet, one thing I don't see in the foreseeable future? Getting rid of my shelves of to-be-read, read but want to read again, and reference books.

~till next time, Helen


Hooked on Windmaster Golem, Stalked #mfrwhooks


Magic animated the golem. Can someone without powers stop them?

A snippit from Windmaster Golem. Last week you were introduced to Brodie and the attack by an unseen mage. Only Brodie's desperate call to the Archmage's young daughter saved his life when with a flick of her fingers she dispelled the strangling fog.

Today, it is Kiansel's turn. She is the sister to Brantly, the Oracle of Givneh. To set the stage, Kiansel's stalker makes his first appearance.

Cold enveloped Kia. Her hand stopped in mid-knock. Although she knew no one was in sight, she still looked over her shoulder and scanned the street. Use of the postern door was restricted to senior members of the temple. I will not betray Brantly’s trust in me, she thought. Neither Brantly my brother, nor Brantly the Oracle of Givneh.

Ghostly fingers caressed her hair. The touch slid down her arm, not a lover’s touch, but that of an icy wind. The feeling of a presence was so strong she put her back against the wall. What heat the stones retained from the noon-day sun did nothing to warm her skin—or soul.

No one is there, reality encouraged.

No one you can see, caution answered.

For long moments she stood watching the street. Finally, the bags of vegetables she had purchased at the market grew heavy. “This is ridiculous,” she growled. “There is no one there.” This is just a case of nerves.

A toss of her head cleared an errant strand of hair from her face. A whispered incantation to cloak herself from the prying eyes of villagers and she knocked.

The hidden door slid open to reveal the same young soldier who was on duty when she left earlier that morning. “Greetings, mistress.” However, instead of the usual wave, he brushed past her and scanned the street.

He feels it too. Her unease growing stronger, Kia stepped over the threshold into the darkness of the building. Hurry up and close the door, she silently urged. Then she sent a prayer winging skyward that the sanctuary of the temple would stop whoever, or whatever, spied on her.

As the door closed, the image of a silver cord being squeezed filled her mind. With a snick, the lock bar slid into place. With the door secured, the eerie contact vanished.

I have to speak to Brantly. As the Oracle he can explain what happened.

You already know the answer, fear retorted. Someone used magic to track you.

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