Windmaster Legend

A forbidden love. An impossible quest. Threats to life and career. If love survives, there is one more challenge—the accusation of witchcraft.
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a great read... I was fascinated by so much of the book. Amazon reviewer


Fate conspired to keep Iol and Pelra apart. Friendship is allowed between members of competing trading houses, but nothing more. He loves the sea and wants his own ship. She hates the deep blue and has worked too hard to allow her dreams to be sidetracked by the lure of magic.

Despite a beautiful woman on his arm every night, Leod wanted the one he couldn’t have—Pelra. His kin on the ruling council did more than put him on the fast track to his own ship. It provided him the power to fulfill his desires, or to ruin those who refused him.

Exiled to distant posts, given impossible challenges, and subject to Leod’s machinations, Iol and Pelra only have the hope of a future together to sustain them. But can their love survive the accusation of witchcraft?
Cast off and fill the sails for love and adventure. But be warned before a destiny is fulfilled, decisions must be made. Choose well.

Windmaster Legend - a romantic fantasy set in the world of the Windmaster Novels.


Despite the darkness and empty streets, determined steps took Iol in the direction of the docks. I have to see my ship. Reaching the waterfront, he walked along the wharves, looking at the gently-bobbing ships. Finally empty berths replaced full ones. The dock where Lock Bird was supposed to be tied up was at the far end so he kept walking.

“No wonder old Aoiffe didn’t make much money taking pilgrims across to Berife. Anyone booking passage would have selected a ship long before they reached ours.” Iol shook his head in frustration. “I can’t change the berth until turn’s end when the contracts are re-negotiated. Until then I’ll have to make do.”

Holding up the lantern, he looked at the wooden walkway heading out into the water. It was now so dark he would have to walk the dock to see the ship. His excitement at having a command dashed with each step.

The dock was canted and several of the floorboards did not look able to support the weight of a child. Usually a ship matched its berth and he expected to see a derelict at the end of the walkway. Slowly and carefully, he picked his way along the wet boards leading off into the darkness of the lake until there was nothing before him but water.

“Nooo,” he moaned. Nothing was there. His ship… his first command… was gone!


“Pel doesn’t like blue water, does she?” Eirik’s tone made the question a statement. “But she is a sailor?”

At first, Iol was ready to ignore the other man or put him off with a comment about prying into other people’s affairs. However, at the look of earnestness on the clansman’s face, he realized Eirik really just wanted insight into Pelra.

Don’t give it to him, Iol’s heart cried.

Recognizing Eirik as a kindred spirit, he tried to justify providing what could be aid to his competitor. Eirik was a good man. Iol hardened his resolve to be worthy of Pelra. If she does choose him…I will do whatever I can to ensure her happiness.

* * * END OF EXCERPT * * *

Windmaster Legend -
From BWL Publishing

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