Fulfilling the #AtoZChallenge 2020 #mfrwauthor


The official topic for today is about writing our characters. How we build them and flesh them out. Since I don't do either, my characters tell me who they are, not the other way way around, I decided to do a reflections post on another challenge I did this year -- AtoZ in April.

Reflecting on the 2020 challenge one word came to mind -- DIFFICULTY. Besides the difficulty in matching a topic to a letter (more on that later), the short time frame that required a post a day was an additional complication. And since I did the 2019 AtoZChallenge I didn't want to duplicate last year's posts. Then there was the world event called Covid-19 or the novel corona virus. It made focusing impossible, stole the energy to write, and chased the muse away.

The theme for the challenge mirrored what I use for this blog--the characters and settings of my novels with a touch of the writing life tossed in for variety.

The full list of posts from the challenge follows. I hope you'll find a topic or two of interest. ~till next time, Helen

B is for BASHIM

A is for Awww
B is for Bashim
C is for Crafts
D is for Diomharid
E is for Eyrie 

F is for Fàlaire
G is for Golem
H is for Handfasting
I  is for Imprisoned 
J is for Journalling

M is for Mtwan Comraich

K is for Killing A Character
L is for Legends
M is for Mtwan Comraich
N is for Names
O is for Ollea

P is for the Parant
Q is for ???
R  is for Religion
S is for Sailing Ships

T is for Tracking Tools

U is for 2020

U is for 2020

V is for Vengeance
W is for World Building
X is for Xcuses
Y is for YOU
Z is for Zoo


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Helen. Your rule about not killing a main character resonated with me. I'm still not over the ordeal of Game of Thrones!


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