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C is for Crafts #mfrwauthor

Welcome to Week 14 of the MFRW 52-week challenge. The topic is "Hobbies Outside of Reading." I'm also doing the A-Z in April challenge and decided to kill two birds with one stone. The original title for the post was "Something other than reading? What's that?" But it was changed to reflect the alphabetic focus of the April challenge.
My first thought on activities outside of reading was "you mean there are hobbies outside of reading?" To be immediately followed by writing. But that would imply writing is a hobby, not a profession or a business.

I've dabbled in various types of handcrafts over the years. Time restrictions and arthritis have reduced the amount of time devoted to them as has the amount of time, effort, and energy given to my role as a caregiver.

Instead of repeating the information as to the types of hobbies, feel free to visit the earlier post. And as a teaser, a few samples of my work.

Be sure to see how the other authors answered the question, "Hobbies Outside of Reading." https://mfrw52week.blogspot.com/
~till next time, Helen


  1. Looks like you did counted cross stitch? I used to until finding and fitting the magnifier so I could see the holes in the material became a joke. I gave it up. I was "at that age." Even though reading is not a hobby, it's still my activity of choice!

    1. You're correct, that I've done counted cross stitch. Since arthritis hit fingers not so much anymore. And like you I claim reading as my main hobby. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Nice samples of your work, Helen. Have fun with the A to Z Challenge this month.


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