Hatchlings Curse

The awakening of his dragon soul twin brought Dragshi Lord Branin the freedom of flight and near-eternal life, but not happiness
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Any fantasy lover would enjoy this epic tale. InD'tale Magazine. 

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This is a very unique story with a truly exceptional plot. The beginning of the tale drags a bit, but builds up to an action-packed chronicle that leaves the reader sitting on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next.

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A Great Fantasy
Roses & Thorns

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Hatchling’s Curse: Book Two of The Dragshi Chronicles, is very well-written with heroes and heroines with whom one can identify and root for, an enemy with clear motives, great world-building, steady pacing—in short, everything one needs to write a five-rose thriller/fantasy/romance.

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Lord Branin is a dragshi, a human who can exchange bodies with a dragon. After millennia of waiting... and searching, Branin and his dragon counterpart, Llewlyn, have found their intended mates--the Lady Anastasia and her dragon soul twin, Jessian.

For the dragshi, the freedom of flight comes with a price. Now that he has found Anastasia, Branin wants more than anything in the world to find a cure for the hatchling’s curse and end the childlessness of his kind. His hopes soar when Anastasia uncovers the location of First Rising, a hidden valley. Exploration uncovers cryptic references to mating flights and dark references about the deaths of suitors.

Even if the curse is broken, another threatens Branin’s plans and for a family. The firebrand leader of an outlaw band, Lady Broch of Ky'Port, means to take Anastasia’s place at Branin’s side. Broch refuses to share Branin--even if it means killing both him and Anastasia.

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Branin stood and paced. Now was the time. “Lady Eirwen, before we disperse, there is one more thing I want to discuss, a lesson for Anastasia.” He forced his voice level, despite the concern that filled his soul. “A mid-air shift.”

Eirwen merely raised an eyebrow. Her simple, “When,” carried a wealth of questions.

“Tomorrow, after we break our fast,” Branin answered. He shrugged and laid a calming hand on Anastasia’s shoulder. “I have no portent of danger. Vivel and the Ceoltier Guild have not reported any disturbances. There have been no sightings of Broch or her band.” His jaw tightened in controlled emotion. “However, since she is still at large and Jessian is newly awake, Llewlyn and I both feel that any skill Anastasia and Jessian can learn, they should be taught.” He raised his gaze to meet Eirwen’s. “That includes mid-air shifts.” Branin smiled at Anastasia, “Although she shows more sense than I and won’t try one as close to the ground as I would.”

The chill stare Eirwen turned on him felt like being peeled to the core. The sensation intensified with the feedback through his link to Anastasia when the lady ruler’s mental examination turned to Anastasia. “Acceptable,” Eirwen said. “Your reasons are valid. I assume Dealan and Liam will be sufficient backup. I’ll notify the others that the landing ledge will be yours tomorrow.”

After brief farewells, Branin hurried Anastasia out of the office and toward their quarters. He could hear the mounting rumble of excitement in her thoughts. As soon as the door of their rooms closed behind them, she stopped and braced her hands against his chest. Her expressionless, “Why?” froze his heart.


“Stacia, although most dragshi do not perform mid-air shifts between human and dragon form, I see no reason why you cannot. You felt Eirwen’s scan. She would not have agreed if she did not feel you ready. We will begin with takeoff since it is safer than landing and does not require as essential timing. And besides, Dealan and Liam will be there to support you and Jessian.” Branin started to turn away. “Of course, if you don’t want to learn...”

“No, you don’t, Branin Llewlyn. You offered.” Anastasia threw her arms around his neck and roundly kissed him on the mouth. “And, I accept.”

Branin gathered Anastasia in his arms. “Now, darling, we need our rest.” Three steps carried her to their bed, her weight no challenge to his battle-trained muscles. The image of two dragons with their necks entwined, Llewlyn’s amber form and Jessian’s red one, filled his mind. Anastasia and I will be the ones to break the dragshi curse. We WILL have children.

Worry shattered the dream beneath a different one--the darkness of a dark-filled cave. An evil chortle floated over a figure chained on the wet sand below the high tide line. A single moonbeam lit the pale face--Anastasia. Panic from the earlier attempt on her life resurfaced, setting Branin’s pulse racing.

Anastasia’s caresses pulled him away from the nightmarish image. Her fingertips traced the scar on his jaw line, then moved down his neck. Feather-light touches teased his senses pulling him deeper into maelstrom. As he surrendered to increasingly larger waves of passion, amplified by Llewlyn’s link with Jessian, another’s laughter remained--Broch’s.

* * * END OF EXCERPT * * *

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