2018 52 Week Challenge Post Summary

To accompany the observations about the Marketing for Romance Writers 52-week blog challenge, a summary of the numbers and a listing of the posts. When I first thought about participating, I wasn't sure about being about to do 52 posts, let alone the topics. I finished 2017's list of topics, but tackling another year seemed an insurmountable task.

Some of the posts were easy, simple lists of things. Others were more challenging, especially with the consideration of writing something meaningful. Some of the posts were fun to share, others not so much. They were depressing as dreams that would never be fulfilled.

Then there were the subjects that were more personal than I care to reveal. I admit to being old school enough that I don't post my entire life on whatever is the social media site du jour. Experience with stalkers and identity theft also adds discretion to my reveals.

The first half of the year the average number of authors participating was 18, while the highest number was 34. The second half of the year saw an average of eight posts per challenge. Whether it was the topic of "Wedding Disaster," the weather, or the holidays, the final week of the challenge only garnered six entries. 

So how did I do as far as numbers?

Altogether 52 out of the 52 were posted. Yay! Pats self on the back. With a new release in the spring of 2019, I won't be doing this challenge again. However, there are a couple of others that look interesting and I hope to participate on a regular basis in the book hooks events so be sure to follow my blog to be notified when I do jump in.

Links to the 2018 posts by alphabetic topic are below. Again, congratulations to the other authors who participated. And to our readers I hope you enjoyed our revelations whether they be personal or about the writing life.

~till next time, Helen

Allergic To
An Island Survival Invention
Authors I'd Like To Meet
Book That Influenced My Life
Earliest Memory
Favorite Thing I've Written

How Much Of Me Is Is My Writing
If I Couldn't Write
Best Dish I Cook
Best Gift I Ever Gave
Bucket List

Fantasy Vacation
Journal Or Diary        

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