It's a Blank Cloud #mfrwauthor

Welcome to week 2 of the 2018 challenge. It's topic is My Earliest Memory. You would think this would be an easy topic. Just cast your mind back in time to your childhood, jot down a few lines and you're done. Nope. Then there is the complication of a similar topic in the 2017 challenge.

Whether it is because of a focus on getting through each day, my age (I admit to rolling past a double nickle, but nothing else), or bad events knocking back good ones, when I tried to search for a memory, there was a blank cloud. That is not to say there is no self-awareness. Just that the images no longer roll by on command as if watching a movie.

So, I won't mention falling off a pony or extended summer stays in the mountains with grandparents, nor my first crush.

This is a blog hop so be sure to check out the other authors' earliest memories. ~till next time, Helen

Then dust collectors snagged a litter or two so here's corrected URLs

Buster the Labrador
Time for Remembering
Back in the Day



  1. Since the topic was EARLIEST memory, I really had to search my brain for one, too. I can remember things from 9 or 10 years old, but 4 and 5? Not so much...

  2. I've had family, and even long-time friends, tell me things that I don't remember, but there are a few memories I hold on to. That's probably why today's topic was both easy and difficult for me.

  3. Mine was easy. I have short term memory issues so my only memories are from my long term past. I dread the day those go and I am blank.

  4. Falling off a horse sounds promising.

  5. I don’t have that sort of access to memories either. I envy those who have very early memories.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Since the topic was 'earliest' I felt I had to be honest. Most of mine are a mixed bag of good/bad, exciting/embarrassing... but it took me a while to remember as well.

  7. Love the pic of your horse and the story in your linked blog :) I agree with you about the energy needed to focus throughout the day leaving nothing for memory hunting! Definitely one of the downsides of getting past a double nickel :D


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