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My specialty is?? #mfrwauthor

We're at week 49. And I'm supposed to share the recipe of the best dish I cook. If you've followed the challenge you know about me and cooking. That I prefer to bake. Although I've created my share of meals, I don't claim to be a gourmet cook. There are some heritage recipes I'm still trying to master, others I've dabbled at. But, I know they'll never be as good as those lovingly prepared by my ancestresses.

But I digress. Before I answer the question, I have one of my own that has to be answered first. Who determines what qualifies as "best?" 

Is it the cucumber and onion salad at a church potluck dinner or the ambrosia taken to the historical group's picnic?  The family might claim the Yankee pot roast on a cold winter night followed by warm apple pie topped with a scoop of ice cream might be the best thing I cook.

Now I'm hungry. Maybe I"ll answer the question after a snack.
~till next time, Helen


Bookqw NOTHING from Windmaster #mfrwhook

A book hook using the quote word of the week "NOTHING."

From the sword and sorcery,
romantic fantasy, Windmaster.


Dal woke with a gasp. A feeling of foreboding hung in the air. Cast outward into the jungle darkness, his senses touched nothing beyond the usual low-throated calls of tree frogs. Yet the impression of imminent terror grew.

“It can’t be Ellspeth,” he mumbled, though he wasn’t sure how he knew it. Just that he did with a certainty beyond any he’d ever known before. “It’s too early for the prophecy to start. We haven’t even been handfasted yet.”

But you are, an inner voice retorted. Tapping her magic built an ethereal path—one that grows stronger every day.

“No!” Dal’s mind and body, usually in harmony with each other, strained with conflict.

~ ~ ~

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