Celebrating National Book Lovers Day 2022 #mfrwhooks

 To all my fellow authors and to their readers, Happy National Book Lovers Day. Since there is some confusion as to whether the day is celebrated August 9th or the first Saturday in November, I’ve decided to do both. First up is the August post.

 There are a lot of ways to celebrate. The "We Are Bookish" Blog listed sixteen ways.  My favorites are:

  • Support your local independent bookstore
  • Patronize your local library. They not only have shelves of print books to take home, but e-books you don't even have to leave your house to have delivered to your Kindle or Nook.
  • Get a new bookcase.  Or organize your existing shelves.
  • Have too many books? Find them a new home. Look to see if there’s a Little Free Library in your area that you could give some books to. You can also donate funds to bookish charities: Book Industry Charity Foundation helps to support bookstore employees who are facing financial hardship. Make a donation here.

Then there is the personal way to celebrate by connecting to an author.

  • Send your favorite a fan email or leave a comment on the webpage, blog, or social media site.
  • Buy a book. Support a favorite author, or, take a chance and look at a "new to you" author. If your series aren't complete, maybe pick up a missing volume ... or two.

And the number one way to be part of National Book Lovers Day?


Leave a review.
It is the greatest gift you give an author.

Happy National Book Lovers Day from the Dragshi, the dragons, the dragon hunters, and the mages from Windmaster.

~till next time,  Helen



Cats Rule

A little variance from posting about dragons and mages. Today is World Cat Day. Tighe Cat says there are health benefits to allowing a cat to own you. You may thank them later. Preferably with cheese and a snack.

In loving memory of an aristo-"cat"-ic tuxedo named Tighe. He was the inspiration for felines that inhabit the world of the Dragshi and that of the Windmaster Novels. As a kitten he was known for adventuring. Later he enjoyed time in Florida and camping in New England. But most of all waking me up when the first bird chirped outside. On clear, winter days when he stood at the kitchen door demanding to go outside. Until I opened the door and cracked the screen door. The cold air hit his nose and he turned and tail up strode away.

~till next time, Helen


Out and About at Caroline Clemmons

 Lady Pelra and I visited Caroline Clemmons at her blog. Hope you'll stop by. The excerpt is Lady Pelra's first introduction to her invisible stalker. 


After checking out the post, would be a perfect time to hop over to Smashwords and pick up Windmaster Golem for half-price. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1044646

But don't delay as the sale ends July 31st.

~till next time, Helen