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Hooked On Fire and Amulet, Submerged, #mfrwhooks

A few lines from Fire and Amulet using the BookQW "Melt."

To set the stage, Deneas and Trelleir, with their small charge in tow, escape a band of footpads by riding a tree trunk down the steep slope. However, they were not able to stop before being launched airborne. Their improvised ride lands not on the shore of the river, but in the water.


Rage that he was an air dragon and not a water one surged through his body. While the fire did nothing to warm his body or melt the wall of glacial ice around his soul, it broke the paralysis caused by the repeated traumas. His mind cleared. Dragon senses showed not only the lighter color of the life-giving air far above, but the dark line of the log ... and a chance for survival. The need to reach the surface overwhelmed Trelleir. He struggled against the current to be dragged across an outcropping’s sharp edges.

Agony replaced all thought. Instinct took over. Like bark peeling off a branch, a layer of his spine rolled down to form a tail. His feet lengthened and pushed off his boots.

The scream of abject fear that pierced his mind shattered his control over his transformation. It could only have come from the white-faced Leri who struggled in his grip. Bubbles escaped from between her lips. One last wiggle and she went limp. I will not lose this one, Trelleir vowed.

~ * ~

Having a slayer as a friend is dangerous when you’re a dragon.

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