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Continuing the series of posts introducing some of my favorite people (or people I love to hate) from the fantasy romances of the Dragshi Chronicles, you are invited to meet Haldric. Or is it Caldrih? You'll have to read both Hatchling's Mate and Hatchling's Vengeance.

Physical Description

Red hair, color off, not the true red of the true-bloods of the area.


He was raised by his Uncle Waljan. Known as the Parant, Waljan is a cult leader who controls his flock with the hypnotic power of his voice.  One of the reasons why Haldric was his uncle's assistant, is that he was immune to his uncle's mesmer.

Like his uncle, Waljan hates dragons and shifters because of his ancestors' death at their hands. Another similarity is that in Hatchling's Mate, Haldric is lecherous. Although he often had to take second place to his uncle when a beautiful woman joined the cult.

More About Her (Secrets or Public)

A different side of Haldric is seen in Hatchling's Vengeance. And he has a different name also, Caldrih. 

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Haldric  Find excerpts by clicking on the covers in the top banner. Buy links for Hatchling's Mate or Hatchling's Vengeance along with the rest of the Dragshi Chronicles is below.

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Tuesday's Title Crazy to Believe by Madison Michael

She’s Betting on Love and the Stakes are High

Title: Crazy to Believe
An All’s Crazy in Love Romance

Author: Madison Michael

Date of Release: February 21, 2023 (Available for Preorder)
Genre: RomCom/Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Madison Michael
Buy Links:   Amazon

The “Crazy Eights” have been best friends for thirty years, but they rarely get together. The remedy? An audacious dare contrived to bring them together for weddings—their weddings. Each participant must marry within twelve months or complete a personally mortifying task.

Meet Sofia, beautiful and brilliant, longing for a family. Starting over after a divorce, Sofia is focused on her career, not some foolhardy dare. She’s set her sights on a new job, a new home and reluctantly accepting her single, childless status. Independent and determined, she can’t foresee she will both win and lose her heart’s desire in the next six months.

Jeremy Klein, genius engineer and inventor, is also making big life changes. He’s sold his startup to become a billionaire CEO overnight. Unfortunately, his ego hasn’t caught up yet, and despite family pressures and turning forty, he is gun-shy about returning to the dating game.

Then Jeremy meets Sofia. They bond over shared business interests and a chemistry that sizzles. Their attraction is immediate and so electrifying that a one-night stand quickly morphs into planning a future.

But plans can change. Accusations threaten to derail their relationship, Sofia’s career and Jeremy’s position. Spies, lies and misunderstandings abound until those “Crazy Eights” step in, scheming and manipulating to secure Sofia her happily ever after.

The stakes are high. Win the bet and lose your heart; or lose the bet along with your dignity. When the wager is nothing short of true love, are Jeremy and Sofia crazy to believe?

In the tradition of The Beguiling Bachelor Series, Madison Michael creates a romance series about independent and sassy women, sexy and successful men, love, passion, and lasting friendships. Infused with a bit of suspense and plenty of humor, Crazy to Believe is a complex romance you’ll be reading all night.

Behind the Scene:

The Crazy Eights, who are the stars of the All’s Crazy in Love Romances, pay homage to women I have been friends with for more than thirty years. These are the women who were at my wedding, the women who threw me a divorce shower and were there when I woke up after surgery. We have celebrated successes together and mourned our losses crying on one another’s shoulders. They are like sisters to me, and I love them with my whole heart. But none of them live near by.

When I missed them so much I ached with it, I decided to pull some of my favorite quirks about each of them into my characters, and the Crazies were born. Now when I miss my friends, I can write a scene reminiscent of a conversation we had, a vacation we shared, and especially a laugh.

They meddle, they give advice I never requested, they snark behind each other’s backs…in other words, they are the perfect friends, and the perfect, complex, relatable characters. You’ll wish they were your friends too, and they will be by the time you complete the 8-book series.

As a special gift, Madison had made Crazy to Wed, the prequel to the
An All’s Crazy in Love Romance series available for a FREE download. Click on the link or the FREE READS BUTTON.

Author Bio:

Madison Michael is living her dream as a romance writer. Born and raised in Chicago, she covered the four corners of the U.S, before returning to her roots, friends, family and the best pizza anywhere.

She loves cats, cat jokes and cat videos, anything with too much sugar, and everything writing. Author of the Beguiling Bachelor romance series, and several stand alone romance novels, she can be found living in Chicago, writing, eating sugar, pizza or hotdogs, surrounded by cats.

For more on Madison and her works, find her online at:

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