Out and About - At The Reading Cafe

Interviewed at the Reading Cafe about #writing, #life, and my #dragon #magic #fantasy Fire and Amulet. http://www.thereadingcafe.com/fire-and-amulet-by-helen-b-henderson-review-interview/ And there is a special bonus review which ends with 

"{Story} left on not really a cliffhanger, but an opening to a series. Which I’m really hoping will happen because I enjoyed the book..."


Out and About - At Muse Monday


The talk on Muse Monday with Brenda Whiteside is about #writing, #life, and my #dragon #magic #fantasy Fire and Amulet. Visit at https://brendawhiteside.blogspot.com/2022/06/magical-fantasy-and-dragons-by-helen.html

Heat is Not For Me


Over on the BooksWeLove Blog, I'm posting about heat. Stop by and see some thoughts on the summer season, past and present.

~till next time, Helen