Not Fuss, No Muss #MFRWautor


Welcome to the monthly topic from the MFRW challenge. The topic is "the Perfect Weekend Getaway."

I would say a quiet weekend camping in the mountains amidst the trees would be perfect. But since the track record for camping has included several mountain cloudbursts and two hurricanes, that would probably not be a good idea. And mountain campgrounds are not known for good internet access.

The same applies to a seaside cabin. Hiking the dunes or bicycling a nice flat trail would be a good alternative. Again, storms or a hurricane have taken perfect and given it a different descriptor.

At this point I am not sure what a perfect weekend would be. Maybe a three-day cruise or a glamping camp out at a dude ranch. Good weather, comfortable accommodations are important. I've reached the age and stage of life where roughing it is no longer fun.

And the most important considerations to make a weekend perfect, someone to do the planning and cooking.

May all your weekends be your idea of perfect.

~till next time, Helen

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Green Plants vs Brown Thumb


Over on the BooksWeLove Blog, I'm chatting about gardens and my ability (or lack thereof) to keep plants alive and green. Hope you'll stop by.

~till next time, Helen

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