Imprisoned in Stone, Whose Magic is it? #mfrwhook

For the next several weeks, the posts will showcase magic of a darker kind from Imprisoned in Stone. A snippit using the book quote word WORK.

To set the stage, Colwynn has freed a friend from a magical compulsion and now is trying to find who is behind the threat.


A man of Jarlath’s wealth and seniority could not be accused without proof. Once again, Colwynn dug into his reserves of energy. His hands traced the ancient runes of truth in the air.

“Chains of iron forged in magic,” he hissed. “Show me the stealer of innocence and will.”

Despite the softness of the command, it contained an unyielding force. The mist of the broken control spell formed into a frame. A face appeared in the shimmering surface of the enchanted mirror. As Colwynn expected, Jarlath’s face was in the center. Then Nemor’s and several other men Colwynn knew were acolytes of the Brethren. Bearded or clean-shaved, some bald, others sporting long curls, image after image appeared until the frame bulged.

An unreasoning fury surged forward. All the Brethren participated. They all knew!

“Show me the man behind the plot,” Colwynn yelled. The hovering reflection wavered. When it stopped moving, one final face appeared. “Father,” Colwynn moaned. My father leads the Brethren. They would do nothing without his approval.

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Sweeter than candy #mfrwauthor

Welcome to the February topic of the MFRW 2021 challenge, "Sweet ways to say I love you." First off, I want to say I am not a haute coutre kind of gal. I'd rather get a practical gift than something I'd never wear or that would wilt in a week. I like diamonds and jewelry as well as the next person. However my lifestyle and arthritis prevents me from wearing rings and such as much as I used to.

Rather than spend $100 on roses for Valentine's Day, a $10 bouquet from our local grocer or florist fits my personality and lifestyle. Of course nothing says I can't spend some of the money saved on a new toaster oven.

Image by Nawal Escape from Pixabay
Picking up a few things at the store when he stopped for his Sunday paper was sweet as the first of several winter storms and frigid temperatures prevented me leaving the house. Even sweeter were the bags of chocolate peanut clusters he surprised me with.

Image by Rebecca Humann from Pixabay
Offering to get pizza for dinner when I've gotten little or no sleep for several nights due to caregiving, says I love you. But perhaps the sweetest thing he's ever done was while to drive me to the waterfront to watch the demolition of a restaurant destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. I was recovering from oral surgery and its accompanying anesthesia. There was a good view of the activity for entertainment and the warm sun and light blanket encouraged rest. And when I wanted it, he'd take a short walk to the corner and bring back a milkshake.

Sweet isn't always mean chocolate or the scent of flowers, it can be a light touch or considerate gesture.

~till next time, stay safe and happy. Helen

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Prognostication and Prediction at the BWl Insider Blog

Today I'm guest posting on the BWL Insider blog about Prognostication and Prediction. Hope you'll stop by and see how predicting the future is of special interest in February. 









~till next time, Helen