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Over on the BooksWeLove Blog, I'm sharing some thoughts on holidays in a fantasy world.

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Tuesday's Title, The Healer by Sevannah Storm

A traumatized human doctor falls for an alpha shifter who only likes her for the blood flowing in her veins. But to the shifter, she's far more than a substitute. She's his mate.

Title: The Healer (Blood of Legends Series)

Author: Sevannah Storm

Date of Release: November 17, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat Level: Steamy/Open door

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Does he love her or the blood of legends in her veins?

Becoming a doctor is all Ilona ever dreamed of, especially with her parents being the best in their medical fields until a car accident forces her to re-evaluate her choices. Scarred and alone, she finds herself in a small town buried in snow, but worse, she’s forced to use her medical skills to heal shifters.
One shifter has her knees trembling, but when she discovers he likes her because she looks like the woman he’s crushing on, Ilona flees, unwilling to risk her fragile heart.

Rhys pines for a woman he can never have, believing he lost his mate to a vampire. But on a visit with his brother, when he discovers a doctor with the same last name as his crush, he prays her blood will trigger the mating urge and free him from unrequited love.

The problem is, Ilona’s blood does summon his primal urges, but she won’t believe his interest is sincere. Now he needs to find her and prove he loves her, and only her.

Behind the Scene: I've always had a soft spot for Rhys.

Author Bio:

Sevannah's a romantic at heart. Across science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary genres, you will discover new worlds and lovable characters she's created. Her books are action-packed love stories of alpha men meeting stubborn women and finding happily ever after.

Married to a hippo-whisperer and the force-is-with-him, she, a live-long-and-prosper, manages to navigate her world with humor and passion. With two full-grown children, a labrador, a pug, and a kitten named Peanut, her life is filled with chaos and merriment in the center of South Africa. And yes, the weather is sunny and hot.

For more on Sevannah and her works, find her on the web at: https://sevannahstorm.com, and subscribe to her twice-monthly newsletter with freebies, launches, etc.

Or her other online hangouts.

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Hooked on Windmaster Legend, #bookqw Race, #mfrwhooks


A forbidden love. An impossible quest. The accusation of witchcraft. Can love survive?

For the next few weeks, posts showcasing snippits from Windmaster Legend. This week's uses the bookqw "RACE."

To set the stage, Pelra and Connal are heading to their next assignment, spending the winter at a remote mountain complex. 
The gelding whinnied and snatched at his bit. The actions pulled Pelra’s attention not to the trail ahead, but to black clouds at the other end of the valley.

“It will be a race to see which arrives first,” Eirik called over his shoulder. “Us at the village or the winter storm.” His voice reflected a calmness Pelra didn’t feel. “The storm is moving fast—and now so do we. Drop the reins and wrap your arms around the horse’s neck. The horses are sure-footed, they’ll get us off the mountain.”

His gaze raked her and he gave a nod. “Everyone’s ready, so let’s go!”

A curtain of wind-driven ice rolled towards them. 

~ * ~

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