Windmaster Golem

Defeat the clay golem. Protect the Oracle’s sister. Defeat a rogue mage? The problem? Do it without any powers of your own.
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I enjoyed the book very much as I have the others in this series. Amazon reviewer

gripping to the end. Amazon reviewer


Kia, sister to the current Oracle of Givneh, is expected to one day assume the mantle and lead the temple’s followers. Her emerging powers force an impossible decision. Magic demands she turn her back on her family, her heritage and the teachings of the Oracle.

Banishment to a remote village as healer, a position he despised, fueled Relliq’s desire for revenge. The discovery of a mythical city and an army of clay soldiers provided the means to control all mages--including the one he wanted most—Kia.

Brodie, weaponsmith for the School of Mages, couldn’t refuse the archmage’s request to act as escort for a healing team fighting a curse upon the land. But how can a man without any magic of his own fight a curse or protect a friend from an invisible stalker?

Windmaster Golem - a romantic fantasy set in the world of the Windmaster Novels.


Tendrils of fog clutched at Brodie’s ankles. The thick haze not only dampened the sound of the surf crashing against the cliff, it hid the trail along the cliff edge. Not even the light from the gibbous moon showed anything other than shadows.

For several breaths he stood and marked his location on a mental map of the trail. Switchbacks and a sharp drop-off marked the downhill slope to the village. A tug pulled the long sword from the scabbard hanging on his back. “Good thing I have TânOer with me,” he told the night. He kept the weapon in his cottage in the main village unless being used in a lesson. “The short sword I usually carry while on the Isle of Mages is too short to be useful as a pointer.” The memory of why he had the enspelled long sword with him flickered into being. That afternoon he had shown the folly of hubris to a pair of second-season students and spent the rest of the day at the forge.

One final breath to center himself and he dragged the tip along the ground in a long arc in front of him. Step by step, he listened for the scratch of steel on dirt or the swish as the blade slid into the grass alongside the trail. Boulders filled the space from the grassy verge to the cliff’s edge, so a scrape on rock told he was no longer on the path. Every snick of steel on stone dropped him to the ground. On hands and knees he explored the area until he determined if it was a single rock or a pile of them marking a sharp turn of the path to warn the unwary to slow down.

His fingers didn’t meet more rocks, just open air.


Cold enveloped Kia. Her hand stopped in mid-knock. Although she knew no one was in sight, she still looked over her shoulder and scanned the street. Use of the postern door was restricted to senior members of the temple. I will not betray Brantly’s trust in me, she thought. Neither Brantly my brother, nor Brantly the Oracle of Givneh.

Ghostly fingers caressed her hair. The touch slid down her arm, not a lover’s touch, but that of an icy wind. The feeling of a presence was so strong she put her back against the wall. What heat the stones retained from the noon-day sun did nothing to warm her skin—or soul.

No one is there, reality encouraged.

No one you can see, caution answered.

For long moments she stood watching the street. Finally, the bags of vegetables she had purchased at the market grew heavy. “This is ridiculous,” she growled. “There is no one there.” This is just a case of nerves.

A toss of her head cleared an errant strand of hair from her face. A whispered incantation to cloak herself from the prying eyes of villagers and she knocked.

The hidden door slid open to reveal the same young soldier who was on duty when she left earlier that morning. “Greetings, mistress.” However, instead of the usual wave, he brushed past her and scanned the street. 

He feels it too.
Her unease growing stronger, Kia stepped over the threshold into the darkness of the building. Hurry up and close the door, she silently urged. Then she sent a prayer winging skyward that the sanctuary of the temple would stop whoever, or whatever, spied on her.

* * * END OF EXCERPT * * *

Windmaster Golem -
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