W is for Werehouds

w is for Werehound.

Fearsome creatures of myth and legend, in the world of Windmaster, werehounds are real. Created by a magic powered by spilled blood, they look like huge dogs. Their long black fur with silver tips that shimmer when the animal runs. They hunt in packs and in the night gives the impression of a hoard of ghostly dogs.

Those who see the creatures are paralyzed with fear from the sight of the white forms racing in the dark. If not, the werehounds’ bright red eyes that glow like hot coals terrify their intended targets.

Beyond installing fear and terror, the werehounds push their prey until the person physically collapses or is cornered. A magical bond between hunter and hunted guides the werehounds across barriers of high mountains and desert sands. Only deep, fast-running water can stop the creatures… Only a wizard can break guided by the ethereal link to their prey.

From Windmaster Legacy

In hushed tones, Ellspeth explained a way to make the werehounds drop the blood lure and break the magical link to their prey.

Nobyn repeated the incantation until he’d perfected it. The fear rose in Ellspeth. She did not know if the spell would work. A hard breath hissed out. Dal would know. But he isn’t here.

“I’m ready to try,” Nobyn said. He closed his eyes and bent his head over his steepled fingers.

“Lure now drop and end the hunt,
Werehounds prowl no more.
Let the chased now stop their run
Through forest glen and desert moor.
Magic binds break, blood calls be broken,
Werehound threat be gone.
Selah, so mote it be.”

Ellspeth’s senses flew out of the temple and soared to the canyon rim. Neba’s pale light flickered off fast-moving white shapes—the werehounds. Glad Nobyn had not yet learned to cast his senses very far, Ellspeth shivered as one eerie howl after another sounded down the canyon.

Nobyn’s spell had failed.

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