X is for Xelme

X is for Xelme

Sometimes the villain in a story looks like one. From “Fire and Ice,” the Head Daxa, Xelme. His name means shadow. He had broad shoulders and a shaved head. He likes rich clothes… and power, something he has in abundance due to his position as the head priest of the temple. If you haven’t followed the challenge, you might want to flip back to D is for Daxa and Diovi.

Xelme had expected to marry the current emperor’s step-mother and be named the ruler of Eurichin when she relinquished the throne. His rage against the royal house blossomed when she chose her step-son, Kai instead of him. Unable to openly attack Kai, Xelme transferred the anger to Kai’s wife, Mirabeesh. Not only had she thwarted several of his plans, the people loved her and through her Kai.

As insight into Xelme, an excerpt when he enters the audience room.

The clack of boot heels on the stone floor announced the entrance of more matched pairs of men. Each successive group was an inch taller than the previous one until a wave of bald heads descended toward Mirabeesh. She tightened her lips at the implied insult. Their color of the robes darkened with the increased height, shading from the initial pale pink to a blood red. At a silent command, one by one the pairs separated to form an honor guard.

The worst is yet to come. Daxa Xelme!

As if her thoughts were a command, the trumpet sounded and the first pair of boys called out, “Bow to Xelme, Voice of Tagachim, Daxa of the Temple of Life, and Holder of Destiny.” Along with the rest of the acolytes and daxa, the youths bent at the waist and bowed with a deference not shown to those on the throne.

Where the acolytes and daxa had walked across the audience hall, their master Xelme stalked. Pearls shimmered on the deep burgundy tunic. The color of the fabric, even in sunlight, was so dark it appeared black. Emerald rings flashed with every movement of his hand.
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  1. Excellent description. More respected than royals. I like it.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author


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