V is for Ver

V is for Ver

So, what is a Ver. In Imprisoned in Stone, Ver is a large, raw-boned dog. Because of the dog's red coloring, I used an image of an Irish Setter as the inspiration for Ver. Besides assisting in hunts to provide food for those hiding on the island, Ver helped repeal invaders who attacked the island sanctuary.

Showing the stamina and loyalty of the breed,
after being set adrift with the child after her parents were killed, Ver survived and became her protector.
Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

An excerpt from Imprisoned in Stone.
Prayers that Dylan would arrive in time to help and that the two of them would be able to hold off the Brethren did not slow Colwynn’s preparations. The weight of the sword belt around his hip provided little comfort, nor did the dagger he slid into his boot. With practiced movements, he strapped panniers on Gramail’s four-footed guardians and stuffed a jacket, blanket, food, and a skin of fruit juice into the leather bags.

A step took him to Gramail who watched in wide-eyed silence. “Sweetie, we are having some big people visitors. I need you to go with the dogs to the ship cave and stay there until called.” As he spoke, Gramail’s trusting look added to Colwynn’s determination to make certain no harm came to the child. She had lost enough already. Kneeling, he dropped to her level. “It’s time to play the ‘shhhsh’ game. You need to stay quiet with the dogs, do you understand?”

She nodded and with a wise look on her face put a finger to her lips.

Colwynn patted each dog on the head. Opening the lower half of the door, and kissing the four-year-old, he gave a command he prayed he would not regret. “Ver, Da, protect Gramail. Go, cave. Go, now.”

He watched the dogs trot out with Gramail running between them. Before they covered more than a dozen paces, the rest of the pack joined them. Brown and red forms flowed across the sand. Colwynn could barely make out Gramail’s dark curls above the dog’s backs.

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