U is for Uncommon Mercy

U is for uncommon mercy.

UNCOMMON MERCY is one of the twelve tales in Hearth and Sand. The collection reflects a continuity of service from the past to the present and into the world of tomorrow and honors those who served on the battle front and the loved ones left behind who preserved the homefront.

In UNCOMMON MERCY, a future leader in an apocalyptic future where primitive club-wielding creatures co-exist alongside a highly technological society forced into an isolated exile learns the true meaning of duty. As to where the title comes from? Duty requires an unthinkable decision--to let a friend suffer or embrace the custom of final mercy.

The following snippit sets the tone and setting as well as introduces Kalindra.

It took all her control, but not even the sharp intake of a breath betrayed Kalindra’s presence. Her tight-fitting leather jacket and vest blended with the color of the tree bark. Only the glint of firelight on her gray eyes betrayed any life as she surveyed the scene below. Leaping skyward to fill the small clearing with flickering shadows, the flames from an unattended fire failed to show her lithe figure perched on the high branch. It was just an indistinguishable shadow in the canopy of vine-covered jungle trees. The sheathed sword hanging from her hip and the long bow in her hand looked like dangling vines rather than lethal weapons.

Something beyond human ken hissed a warning. Kalindra pushed her senses into the black void beyond the fire. They encountered nothing except the normal sounds of the woods and the crackle of the fire reached her straining ears.

Ruthlessly, she quashed the questions that rose. None of her training provided any answers to the silent warning. Nor had it explained the invisible lure that had enabled her to follow Railig’s trail. She had tracked him even when there was no physical sign.

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