T is is for Tarekus

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T is for Tarekus

Tarekus is an island continent at the far end of the Southern Sea that was the setting for Windmaster Legacy. While fictional, the land of Tarekus was inspired by Australia. 

During the writing of Windmaster Legacy, the series notebook was filled with pictures. The large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia called Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, held center court along with images of the Australia outback.

As described in Windmaster Legacy. Fine white sands form a glittering ring between scrub-covered rolling hills and warm turquoise waters. Hills steepen into forested mountains and valleys. The interior is called the hinterland by the sailors and the bush by natives. In the center of the hinterland, running north-south, is a wide swath of veldt. Occasionally, great cracks in the earth form valleys hundreds of feet below the main ground level or thrust great plateaus skyward.

Like the land that inspired Tarekus, the land Ellspeth and Dal visit is home to many strange animals. Some hop, others have other means of ambulation. Among the inhabitants of Tarekus is a small bear that only eats the leaves of one species of tree. 

In the veldt, you can encounter long-necked animals that eat the tender leaves off the top of trees. These creatures are called by tree-trimmers by the locals.

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