G is for Golem #MFRWauthor

Image by darrenquigley32 from Pixabay
A creature from myth and legend, a golem is a living being created out of an inanimate substance such as clay or metal. The inspiration for the golem came from a terracotta statue.

When the disgraced mage Relliq discovers cave after cave filled with clay soldiers he thought he had the perfect tool to destroy the Archmage Dal and the rest of the Council Isle mages.

But he discovers magic isn't enough to bring the statues to life. Blood is needed. He decides it's not a real problem. For his first battle he doesn't need an army of golem, just a few would break down the gates of the hidden city of Diomharid. And it doesn't matter iif the members of the bandit group he leads don't want to assist in bringing the golem to life. The donor of blood doesn't need to be willing.

Windmaster Golem - Coming October 2020

Before then, read the other books set in the world of windmaster.

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  1. Hmmm - the blood donors don't need to be willing. uh oh.

  2. Oh, dear the blood donors don't need to be willing and he has a plan. Will it work? Sounds like trouble for someone. Good hook. Thanks for sharing!

  3. "The donor of blood doesn't need to be willing."

    Chilling! Not to mention this has a great "The Monkey's Paw" vibe to it. I'm betting waking the golem is going to be a BAD IDEA. :D

  4. Yes, very ominous. I can't help but wonder where things are going to go from here. Great hook!

  5. An army of golems, eh? I wonder, did you have the Chinese terracotta army in mind?

    1. Yes, the terra cotta army is the inspiration behind the golems


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