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Wine, Song, and Books

What makes a perfect autumn day?

Sunshine? Nope. Didn't have any. Overcast skies lingered for most of the day.

On Saturday, October 6th, the combination of live music, good companionship and a fine local wine overcame the lack of summer's warmth. The event being discussed was the Fall Harvest Festival at Unionville Vineyards in Ringoes, New Jersey.

Companionship came from fellow authors, Chris Redding and Cathy Tully. Redding’s works include A View to a Kilt, Incendiary and Blond Demolition. Find out more about her at www.chrisreddingauthor.com. Tully is author of the newly-released All You Need is Love. Her online home is at www.cathytully.com.

Besides drinking glasses of Unionville's wine, a popular activity while listening to the band was people watching. Sleeveless dresses of a light, filmy fabric provided proof of hot blood as other attendees huddled in sweatshirts against the crisp autumn air. Of course, the band, who covered a wide range of songs including oldies and country, often had people's feet tapping, which helped counter the chill of the day.

Anyone who says animals don’t know when they are being admired didn't see Duke and one of the dogs accompanying their owner. A beautiful white horse, Duke strutted as he pulled the wagon down the country lane. In between turns, he posed for pictures and allowed children (and adults) to pet him. But Duke was not the only animal who knew how to get attention. Although not show trained, every time his owner stopped at a vendor booth, one dog struck a pose worthy of a Westminster champion.

So to answer the question as to what makes a perfect autumn day? Wine, music-- and books.

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