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Path to Publishing, January 19th through the 26th


On Sunday, January 26th, I am one of the authors showcased in Melissa Snark's series Path to Publishing. The interview is at

http://melissasnark.blogspot.com/2014/01/paths-to-publishing-helen-henderson.html where I talk about the journey from writing computer code to feature story writer/ and correspondent, to my life as a creator of worlds of imagination.

Among the other authors revealing their paths and tips this week are Sydney Katt, Lynn Calhoon, Mary Eastham and Jean Joachim. Click on the following link
http://melissasnark.blogspot.com/ to wander along the paths they followed to becoming published authors. And be sure to check out the other authors who dished on their experiences earlier in the month.

Till next time. ~ Helen

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