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Will sword or talon be enough?

Since the cover was revealed in January, dragons have filled (or is it haunted) my days and nights. To help break up the relentless snowstorms of February, I decided to take a break from shoveling and past an excerpt. 

~Till next time. Helen

Excerpt: A flashing evaluation later, Branin decided the best way to support the trader caravan. The trail was too narrow for him to maneuver along the road. However the steep drop-off provided the necessary space. And if some of the attackers happened to fall over the edge, so be it.

Screaming his defiance, Branin folded his wings and plummeted earthward. His tail lashed out as he fell past the wagon. It ripped the sword from a burly man about to stab Yunka. Back the tail whipped and wrapped around the attacker’s waist. A tug sent the man, arms flailing, out over the chasm. With great sweeps of his wings, Branin soared upward toward the next group of fighters.

Loud cries of “For Clan Miller” reached his ears as the traders rallied, turning the tide of battle. Above the bedlam, Branin heard Broch screeching, urging her men to turn and fight. Then a male voice cut above her orders with a stentorian “retreat.” Those actively engaged in a fight broke off. In a panicked rout, they scrambled up the hillside, dragging wounded comrades with them. Although every instinct called for him to follow, Branin hovered above a wagon and initiated the change to human form. His great sword, Mt’wan Comraich, filled his hand before he even dropped onto the wagon’s roof. He searched the battlefield for Anastasia. A cold chill rippled through his nerves at the sight of Anastasia on her knees.

Coming March 2014 -- Dragon Destiny

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