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Fly with the Dragshi

Time to fly with the dragshi. The first book in the Dragshi Chronicles, Dragon Destiny,  is now available in both ebook and paperback.

Dragon Destiny. The awakening of his dragon soul twin brought Dragshi Lord Branin the freedom of flight and near-eternal life, but not happiness. For eons, he feared he would never find a woman with her own dragon soul partner—until one day another's mind touched his.


Lord Branin of the dragshi, is more than just a man, but two beings—one a dragon, the other a human. The pair share one body in space in time and are able to change forms with the other at will. From the time Branin's twinned soul, Llewlyn, awoke, Branin knew the freedom of flight. However, being a shifter came with a price. Branin and Llewlyn are the only two of their kind who have not found their intended mates, despite millennia of waiting...and searching.

The red-haired firebrand, Broch of Ky'Port plans to fill that position in Branin's life—with or without his cooperation. When a faint thought impinged on Branin's mind, hope for an ending to eons of loneliness soared. Plagued by doubts because no signs of a dragon shifter's birth have been seen, Branin searches the world for the mysterious girl he only knows by the name, Anastasia.

Wing into adventure and love at http://helenhenderson-author.blogspot.com/p/dragon-destiny.html for an excerpt and a free read of the first chapter.

Ebook available at Amazon  Smashwords  Kobo.  The paperback version is also available at your favorite Amazon site.

Helenhenderson-author.webs.com for the latest distribution sites about this action- and romance-filled fantasy.

~Till the next time we fly with dragons. Helen

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