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X-Post, How to Survive The Summer Hiatus and Still Write

Now that the mid-point of the summer is here, and many families are taking vacations, or spending hours in the pool, as a writer I find it harder to keep to my schedule. Intuitive life coach and fellow writer Mary Jo Guglielmo offers suggestions on surviving the summer.

Among the pieces of advice she offers is, "If you’re struggling to write this summer, consider taking a hiatus from writing for a few weeks.  It might just be the antidote for a stalled writing project." Another is for authors to break the write every day rule and give ourselves permission to un-schedule our writing so that fall temperatures will bring increased interest and rejuvenate our works. 

Although we may stop and smell the roses, it doesn't mean we turn off our writer's brains. And she tells how she handles that aspect also.

To read the entire post, go to http://www.writersonthemove.com/2014/07/taking-break-from-writing-finding.html.

Find Mary Jo on the web at For more information check out:

On a personal note, color me jealous. Check out the surroundings of her picture.
Aloha ~ Helen

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