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Dragons Soar Again in Hatchlings Curse

Now Available - Hatchlings Curse (Book 2 of the Dragshi Chronicles)

 Lord Branin Llewlyn is a dragshi, a human who can exchange bodies with a dragon. After millennia of waiting... and searching, Branin and his dragon counterpart, Llewlyn, have found their intended mates--the Lady Anastasia and her dragon soul twin, Jessian.

For the dragshi, the freedom of flight comes with a price. Now that he has found Anastasia, Branin wants more than anything in the world to find a cure for the hatchling’s curse and end the childlessness of his kind. His hopes soar when Anastasia uncovers the location of First Rising, a hidden valley with cryptic references to mating flights and dark references about the deaths of suitors.

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And if you missed Dragon Destiny, an excerpt for the first book in the series can be found here.

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