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Historical Research Tip - Land Records and Deeds

Researching is fun and there are always new sources to uncover. And here's a tip for a new one-- land records and deeds. Join land title expert Joseph Grabas as he combs through these all-but-forgotten stories of the pursuit of happiness and property in early New Jersey.

Monday August 3, 2015 @ 7:30pm Keyport Senior Center
Keyport (Monmouth County) NJ

New Jersey's land records and deeds are unlikely sources for a thrilling tale but reveal little-known, fascinating history. A detailed story of the founding of the Garden State 350 years ago is preserved in these papers. The state's boundaries were drawn in such documents centuries ago, even if the authors never stepped foot in North America. The archives hide heroes, like the freed African Americans who fought for their right to own their piece of the state. And of course, there are the bizarre and mysterious tales, like the silk baron's castle and the assault against a sixteen-year-old maiden during the throes of the American Revolution. 

Info on other upcoming programs can be found here http://keyporthistoricalsociety.com/events/ 

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