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Guest Post by Emily Johnson

Today I welcome Emily Johnson as a guest to the Journey to the Stars blog who shares What Everyone Ought to Know about Workplace Organization

Workplace organization is a key to productivity boost, no matter where you work. A well-organized workplace can affect your productivity growth and, therefore, you can work faster.

Being inspired by OmniPapers manual about workplace organization, we've collected the best tips about this art.

Organize your workplace

A perfect workplace should have two zones: computer and non-computer ones. When you need to use your computer, go to the first zone. If you have some tasks to do away from your computer, go to the second zone. For example, you can call colleagues, read best practices, or take a break.

Clean up your writing place

Successful people claim that your writing place should be well-organized. Throw out drafts and notes you have or hide them into a locker. To keep all items you use daily, use boxes or drawers. Don't forget to put live plants (an aloe, a cactus, an azalea, etc.) to boost spirits and clean the air. If you feel tired, take a pause and drink a cup of green tea as it contains L-theanine that can improve brain functions.

Update gadgets

All workers have gadgets they use daily for business purposes. To stay productive, you need to update all gadgets you have. Plus, it is a good idea to use digital gadgets that might help you work efficiently. For example, buy a digital highlighter or a smart pen to translate and transfer texts to your computer.

Add comfort and health.

If you want to stay energetic, you need to take care of your health. While you're looking for a comfortable office chair, pay attention to the following: it should support the lower back and have arm rests. Plus, if you want to stay healthy, you need to use mini elliptical trainers while working, stand up from time to time, or work standing to reduce a risk of health diseases.

Your inspirational boosters

Every person has something that inspire him or her. It's very important to decorate your workplace with such boosters, so don't hesitate to put your favorite photo, a painting, or a quote to stay inspired while working.

There are many ways to boost productivity at work, and people should know all of them from A to Z. As soon as you start working efficiently, you'll start achieving more in your life.

After reviewing the infographic, click on it for more tips.

ways to organize your writing cabinet

Thank you Emily for the interesting and informative tips. If you've enjoyed the post, click on the infographic for more tips.
About Emily: Emily Johnson is a writer and a content strategist of OmniPapers blog and contributor to many websites about blogging and writing. You can always find more works of hers on Twitter

~Till next time, Helen

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