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In the Author Spotlight - Judy Griffith Gill

Sometimes fate decrees that given paths cross. My meeting with Judy Griffith Gill was such an occasion. It started out as a newbee writer (at least in fiction) and the editor assigned to one of her books. In later years, the tables turned.

Although we haven't been in the same space and time (as in meeting in person), I feel that if we passed each other on the street the connection would make recognition instantaneous.

You might wonder why I am giving column space to a person some could consider competition. One reason is the sisterhood  (brotherhood for the opposite sex) and camaraderie that can develop between people who share a common passion. And in this case it is writing. And what many people often forget is that writers are readers too!

Also, Judy is not really competition. Many of her works are in a purer form of romance while I like to fly with dragons and hang out with wizards. That said, Judy also ventures into other genres including science fiction  Her latest works are the Chronicles of Storn series -- Lifeline, Refuge, Dirtsiders and Caverns.

Lifeline just got a great review, but I'm still trying to figure out which of the books is my favorite. 
Stop by Judy's Goodreads page for more info about the author whose world building skills the reviewer said took you to a future sci-fi world that "rivals the likes of Herbert’s DUNE and Clarke’s SPACE ODYSSEY" and on the book the reviewer said, "is an awesome read!"

Judy's works can be found online here.

~Till next time, Helen

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