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Readers Want to Know

Before I jump over to J. Q. Rose's spot to answering readers' questions, a teaser.

A few items from the playlist for Hatchling's Mate

  • Celtic flute and harp always send my mind to a fantasy world where magic rules and dragon fly. On the player now is Celtic Twilight by Gabrielle Angelique.
  • You've heard of "Laura's Theme" from Doctor Zhivago? Well, Glynn's theme was the tune, "Lonely Man," that was used as the theme for the television series, The Incredible Hulk.
  • "Desperado" from the Eagles set the character Talann firmly in my mind
  • For writing the night before a battle? Roger Whitaker's "The Last Farewell" 
That's all the teaser for now. Hop on over to J. Q. Rose's blog to see what questions readers wanted answered. 

~Till next time. Helen

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