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XPost - Oops, Just Killed A Friend

I hadn't thought of what we do to our characters in the manner that Alon Shalev (@Elfwriter) did in his post. Usually I kill the bad guy and only torture the hero. However, Elveswriter explains why we mourne for our characters. Even if they live in the book, at the end we close the chapter and our relationship ends.

If you've ever killed a character (or contemplated it), read on. ~till next time Helen

Wow! Killing a friend ain’t easy. You think you’re ready for it. You have planned the dramatic demise, executed to perfection, but when it gets right down to it, it is soooo hard.
And when they are lying there dead, with an arrow though their heart, or an axe wound in their head, you think you can just walk away. But what do you still have to do?

Press the Save button.

Do you get the irony? Your friend lies dead on the page, their blood still wet, and you are totally responsible for it. Sure you didn’t wield the axe, or aim the bow, but you created this person, this character, this hero.

He trusted you, allowed you to move him from one part of the kingdom to the other. He has seen you put him in a tight jam and always…
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