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7 Ways to Help Your Local (Or not-so-local) Author


Recently I read a message where a reader asked how they could help their favorite author.  Educate readers was brought up in the discussion. But other than educate them how to leave a review with a note at the back  of a book, there wasn't too many other ideas on what help an author should request.

Mystery author Heather Weidner summarizes seven ways a reader or fan can help us, their neighbor. Review - Tell - Share - Buy - Nominate - Blog. If you like a book, she gives some quick ways you can help spread the news (and help out your friendly neighborhood writer). Read them here.

My favorite point she made is, "Authors are small business owners..." Many readers (and more than one newly-published writer) don't realize there is a business side to being a writer and author, not just the work of creation.

Her final comment resonated on a more personal level. We may wear many hats, but as a professional author, as a creative person, or just because we're human, I know that my fellow authors and mtself appreciate recommendations, referrals, and social media shout outs.

Whether you do one thing or all seven, to all my readers, thanks for your support. And be sure to read Heather's full article at http://www.heatherweidner.com/blog/2016/8/28/7-ways-to-help-your-friendly-neighborhood-author.

~ till next time, Helen

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