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Tuesday's Title - Raiders On the Saint Johns

Captain Dan Farrel feared one thing--meeting his brother in battle, at the other end of his gun.

Title:  Raiders on the Saint Johns
Sequel to Exiles on the St. Johns)

Author:  Lydia Hawke Find Lydia on the web at www.lydiahawke.us/

Genre:  Civil War Historical

Publisher: Global Authors Publications
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His assignment to Florida to recruit a Union cavalry company meant Captain Dan Farrell was returning home to a state split by conflicting loyalties. Among them his brother Jack, a member of Confederate Captain J. J. Dickison's partisan rangers. As an officer, Dan would like nothing better than to put Jack out of action. As a brother he feared the day they would meet in battle. Complicating Dan's life is his neighbor, Sarah Cates Phillips. His return to Florida renews his acquaintance with the alluring widow. To Sarah, Dan is more than the appealing Yankee captain that once stole her heart. His worst flaw is the color of his uniform. How can she love a man who is out to destroy those she holds most dear?

Behind the Scenes: Thanks to the Florida Memory online project, Lydia discovered the Confederate pension records for her great, great grandfather. The research uncovered not only a discharge "on account of disability" but what was going on in St. Johns County at the time. Among the tales she worked into Exiles On the St. Johns was the live of St. Augustine. The town was under Federal control from March 1862 through the end of the war and was off limits to anyone who refused to take the Oath of Allegiance.

Author Bio: 

Lydia Filzen has written four award-winning Civil War novels under the name Lydia Hawke. EXILES ON THE SAINT JOHNS and RAIDERS ON THE SAINT JOHNS are set in Florida. FIRETRAIL and PERFECT DISGUISE, have been adapted into feature-length movies and are now available on DVD.

Lydia was born in St. Augustine and has lived in Florida all her life. She is an avid history buff and lurks about Civil War reenactments trolling for stories and great pictures. Also, she shows champion Collies in conformation and agility. She has also written a suspense novel set in the world of dog agility trials, SILENT WITNESS.

Find Lydia on the web at www.lydiahawke.us/

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