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Big.. Bigger...Biggest? #mfrwauthor

Welcome to Week 50 of the challenge, two more to go. This has been my first writing challenge and finishing it will be a major accomplishment. But what to claim as my biggest accomplishment.

Maybe I should claim my career as a correspondent and feature story writer, or my three local history books. But no, the official topic is "Biggest Accomplishment." The number of fiction novels published is larger than the number of non-fiction so the history books get knocked out.

By biggest accomplishment could be a recap of favorable reviews or those left with four or five stars. Nope, that goes under week 46. This is getting harder and harder.

Time is running out and I need to answer the question. So, of all the things I've ever done, my biggest accomplishment is my marriage. Forty plus years and counting, it's survived deaths and upheavals, empty nest and full. Of course, you could say it's not my accomplishment but my husband's for putting up with me. But I'm claiming our time together as my biggest accomplishment. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

~till next time. Visit the other authors to see what their consider their biggest accomplishment.


  1. we both have great marriage accomplishments!

  2. A good, long-lasting marriage is a tremendous accomplishment, and a lot of hard work!

  3. Forty-plus years--congratulations! We're at 35 1/2, and I'm hoping we can make to 60 or 70 (though it may take a few miracles of modern medicine, LOL)

  4. You and I have pretty much the same #1 accomplishment, Helen!

  5. Congrats- that's a wonderful accomplishment!

  6. LOL....mine is putting up with my husband of 26.5 years!

  7. Congratulations on your forty plus years, Helen. That is quite an accomplishment, and one to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Congratulations, Helen! Forty plus years -outstanding!


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