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Sunset and Diamonds #mfrwauthor

Welcome to the 2018 MFRW writing challenge. If you've been following me in this year's posts you might remember I'm memory challenged. So to write this post I started with another of this year's projects. A goal of 2018 is to start cleaning out boxes of pictures and records. The business records won't help with the post, but I hoped something in a snapshot would trigger a memory.

So what is my most romantic memory?

It could be me and my hubbs of more than four decades sitting on the porch swing of a mountain cabin watching the sun set over the lake. The majority of our vacations over the years were camping trips so there were many nights under the stars in front of a bonfire.

Or, as earlier in our married life, strolling hand-in-hand down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain.


But I decided to go with a different walk and a different sunset--hunting for Cape May diamonds while watching the sun set on Sunset Beach. This little stretch of Delaware Bay beach at the end of Sunset Boulevard is popular for the usual beach stuff like kite flying, fishing, taking pictures, and watching the sunset. It is also a site for hunting for the pieces of quartz called Cape May diamonds.


~till next time, I hope you'll visit the other posts. Helen

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  1. They all sound romantic. Reminded me of sitting on the porch at my cabin in the mountains.


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