Characters Have Favorite Things Too. #MFRWauthor

For the first time I'm attempting a challenge. Not because I'm bored (as a 24/7 caregiver for an elderly family member time is limited) or that I don't have anything else to do (2 novels, 6 poems, and 4 interviews await the pen). No, I accepted the challenge as a symbolic gesture for the new year.

The immediate reaction to the topic "A Few of my Favorite Things" was Julie Andrews singing "raindrops on roses..."

Stop right there by mind said. Too prosaic.

Take two. Friends, family, Smokey Mountains, sitting on a lakeside dock. Nope. Too common. Back to "whiskers on kittens..."

Favorite things should invoke warm fuzzy happiness. "Ain't gonna happen," my darkside snarled. With the release of the last book in a series, I'm saying goodbye to a world I created. A book pirate's complaint that I wouldn't gift him all my books and the anniversary of one of the worst days in my writing career didn't put me in a light-hearted frame of mind. So I reached out to books--and their characters. So here's some of my favorite characters' favorite things.

Dal of Clan Daimh, Archmage (Windmaster Legacy) 
  • Taerneach, the stallion and I've been together since before I was a fetlock high. He's helped me accept I'd never be clan chief
  • the magic dagger given me by Gabrielle when she could no longer practice magic.
    Lord Branin of the Dragshi (Hatchlings Curse)
    • the freedom of flight when I take on my soul twin's dragon form. Even if it comes with heavy responsibility and the curse of childlessness.
    • the protector of Mt'wan, the enspelled sword has saved my life on more than one occasion
    Anastasia of Clan Miller (Dragon Destiny)

    • the feeling of belonging to clan
    • the dragon comb that was a present from Branin at the special naming day party given me by the dragshi
    And lastly, a few favorite things of Ellspeth of the House of Cszabo, captain of Sea Falcon. (Windmaster)
    • the breeze in my face as I stand a midnight watch at the helm of my ship,
    • shipfish dancing on their tails as the silver notes of my flute float across the waves.
    • the sun glinting off my gold bracelets of rank.
    To visit more with the characters who shared their favorite things, click on the covers. Each appears in the entire series, but I listed the cover they appear on. To read other posts about favorite things, click on the list below.

    ~till next time, Helen


    1. Well done! ...Smoky Mountains are a personal fave, especially Cade's Cove :)

    2. I love your take on the challenge prompt. You've got me thinking about my own characters favorite things.

    3. Now you have me thinking about my favorite things about my own books, as a spinoff of your topic here. Might use that idea some day...

    4. Great idea to write about your character's favorites! I can relate to Ellspeth's dancing fish - we saw flying fish while on a cruise, that WAS pretty cool.

    5. My first thought for the challenge was Julie Andrews too. LOL Great post


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